• Ashley commented on the post, cutest 5 years, 7 months ago

    She wasn’t sure what it was or where it came from but It was the cutest little thing she had ever seen. It’s eyes were big, brown, and lit up as it looked at her. It had furry long rabbit like ears, and brown fur all over it’s body.

    So you can only imagine her great surprised when it opened it’s mouth wide and showed off a set of fang like teeth.

  • Ashley commented on the post, leverage 5 years, 7 months ago

    Leverage. That’s all she needed.

    In typical fashion, her brother had hogged the PS3 all night long, and intended to do so for the rest of the week, keeping her from playing her beloved RPG. She was so close to killing that bonus dragon.

    She only needed some form of leverage to hold over him so that he would HAVE to give up the PS3.…[Read more]

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    She browsed each rack of shoes, eying each pair, searching for the perfect color. Of course, she had to be selective in her search for the perfect heels. Anything that would cripple her ankle by the end of the night was out. She wanted her shoes to feel like clouds, so she could feel like she was walking in heaven.

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    Poor, hapless soul. His trousers are soaked in muddy rain water. Fate was against him. For as he was on his way to deliver flowers to his beloved, a car passed by and sent water all over him.

  • Ashley commented on the post, cinema 5 years, 10 months ago

    He hated it. The darkness. He looked at the people around him, their eyes bright with the reflection of the screen. He hated the cinema. As he sat, swallowed by the crowd of popcorn eating viewers, he felt as if he were staring into a hypnotic abyss. One that pacifies the masses, and keeps them from their own thoughts.

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    She was disappointed to see that his beard was still unkempt just two hours before their wedding. She had insisted he shaved it, but he refused, as if his beard were the key to his entire existence.

    Staring at the coarse curls, she found herself thinking, “Is this the end? Because of his beard?”

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    It took her a few seconds to dissect the problem. She could see that someone had spilled oatmeal all over the floor, that someone else had tripped over that oatmeal, and that another person and accidentally smashed into a trash can. When she saw this, she decided to back out of the cafe and make coffee at home.