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    Rome wasn’t built in a day, a month, a year. It was built with time and sweat. The steaming iron, the sweat dripping down the hands of men who toiled for hours, only armed with tools and a dream. The cuts, nicks, and burns were all just mementos of the journey. While the scars may […]

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    Do you deserve me? Or is this just another ploy? Why am I not good enough for you? I’m the best you’ve ever fucking had. I run this show. I can end it at the flick of my wrist, and all you do is make excuses and cry- you cry. You know I’m soft. You […]

  • The centerpiece of my life, you have become. As sparkly as a diamond, as valued as a family heirloom, and as charming as the night sky speckled with stars. Yet, shall you be polished, or shall I leave you to capture dust? Inevitably, all we are is dust in the wind. So, I shall leave […]

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    Obey. No, I won’t obey. I won’t take your shit, conform to your rules, allow the sullen hatred that you use to control overtake my pessimistic heart. I will survive and thrive. You don’t know me. Obey? No. You oughta pray. Don’t try to get me to obey, because I paint my own picture, and […]

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    As I ride my white steed through the meadows and fields, I wonder if I shall ever return to the stable. Will I hitch myself to a post, hold myself back, or run free, freer then a bird with wings. Or will I be the bird forced not to sing, the horse not to trot, […]

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    Slouch. Thats how I sit in my desk. I slouch. I don’t want the world to see my face sometimes. I can’t really bring myself to sit up straight, and face the teacher. Except when I’m in English. In English, my heart soars, my confidence roars, and I’m a formidable person to wreck. I’m no […]

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    Anywhere, I stare. Anywhere I dream. Do I want to step off into anywhere? Or stay there? Or go where my heart guides me? Or with you- towards to burning sun, towards all of our hopes and dreams? I’ll go anywhere with you, my blossom- anywhere but here. Here is where our hearts cannot be […]