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    There, on top of what used to be something that adorned a forest, snakes beneath, squirrels in, birds above, below, on and through, was nothing, a barren top, save a few folders with neatly printed labels. Each […]

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    The mound seemed to sit atop the field in a way that made it almost disconnected. From below, adorning his perch behind the dirtied plate, he signaled. The sounds, crickets of humans behind him, complemented the […]

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    I went to where there was little evidence of anything, and beneath there, beneath…I couldn’t say. It was musty, and there were signs that life had left this place behind. Overhead, the noise persisted, and the rain began to come down in torrents, dripping from above at first, and then, finally, trickling into my den, […]

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    When the world looked away, all I saw was him. He was standing before and in the middle and in the height of it all, and he looked angelic, cherubic, and I thought that I was ten again and witnessing something new. A breath came in and fled my mouth, a deep exhalation where everything […]

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    When he misplaced it, he had figured it lost. He moved on, reluctantly at first, but then as time wore on, he had forgotten even why there was an ounce of sentimentality attached to it. Only when he fished it out of an old box did the feelings begin to rush back to him, obvious […]

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    He took exception when they started to call him “mister.” He had never been a mister, and it made him feel separated from them. Even if they didn’t mean to offer a division between them, he undoubtedly felt as if “mister” came with clenched teeth and strained soul. He was no longer their colleague, only […]

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    However he looked at the equation, it always came back “invalid,” so when a number finally read “2” he figured he was right. It was right, even if he didn’t know what 2 meant. Nothing, as far as he could have read, would have looked more beautiful than that number, however vague the number was […]

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    There was no policy that suggested otherwise, so the door was opened, quite easily by the arm, with much more difficulty with the brain and will, and onto the stage he found himself, alone, frigid, beneath the ceiling and amidst an audience of no one. And there he sang for the first time.

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    Whole. “Whole.” Whole. “You want that to be a whole one?” “Yes please.” “You’re sure.” No. “Yes, I’m sure.” “You want it sliced any way.” No. “No.” “I’ll slice it in half so you can put it in wax paper for later.” “Ok.” “Ok, and you’ll be staying?” No. “Yes.”

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    He was sure that it was too late for the class, and as he saw the regulars drifting out of the front door, he was convinced. He turned. “Excuse me,” she said, as she brushed past. There she was, the gorgeous girl who he came for. This was their gym. Late or not, he followed. […]

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    Standing stoically became a harder task than they had advertised. First, he was expressive, so as the comments continued to arise in front and behind his naked figure, he immediately captured a comeback. But he couldn’t utter it or gesticulate to anyone, anyone, that there was something far superior in thought to their simplistic and […]

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    She hadn’t been too stubborn at this point, but once the waves began to crash and her heels sank into the sand, she relented, turned around with one last smile of desperation, and then fled the shore in search of submission. The waves rose and welcomed her gently, though that wasn’t how she would describe […]

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    I never thought to ask, when the wild wind swept through his hair, as to whether it was, in fact, real. The boat churned in the waves, and we moved slower than it appeared. From shore, I could see a family jogging – a weird sight – and they kept with the boat despite the […]