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    Her chosen beau is not very attractive. Or, well, she should say the beau chosen FOR her. He smells like rotten eggs, she’s pretty sure she spies a hairy mole somewhere near his ear, and flecks of spittle rain down at her whenever he speaks. She vaguely senses a feeling of doom.

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    His hand swirled lazily on the table, tracing geometric patterns without thinking. The speech was boring, and he was dying for it to end. Just when the speaker looked about ready to wrap up, she would go off on some tangent that left her breathless and her audience groaning under their breaths.

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    He itched his scalp, watching in slight horror as white flakes fell from his chocolate locks. He did NOT want this to happen five minutes before his big date. Frowning and mildly panicking, he tossed the black sweater to the side and picked up the white t-shirt.

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    He stared blankly at the page that was covered in red ink. “Rewrite for a better grade” was written in giant, bold lettering at the top. The “F” right next to it sent a stutter in his heart. He groaned in frustration and ground his teeth.

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    “All aboard” came the booming voice of the Captain, and Felicity rushed to gather all of her luggage and get in line. Waves crashed upon the ship almost violently as the ship rocked back and forth in the storm. What a day to pick to travel.

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    The day the gallery opened, she had just arrived in town and was looking for something to do. So when she saw the neon lights illuminate the darkened city streets, she knew she had to go. She stepped inside, wiping off the germ, gritty sidewalk filth, and was surprised at what she saw.