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    I don’t know where it came from, but it made me really sick. We went to a different distributor today, and now I’m paying for it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick in my life, and if this is how it makes me […]

  • I love that you can embrace the passionate side of yourself. I DON’T love that you met someone only two days ago, and that you’ve already invited him to come live with us. I DON’T love that you’re already prancing around in your underwear in front of him like you’ve known him forever. He could […]

  • My husband is dead. I woke up one morning and found him in the grass, two stories below our bedroom window. I don’t know what overcame him, and I just wish I could have saved him in the end, the way I was supposed to. I guess now I’m just going to turn onto the […]

  • I would sacrifice everything for you. I would pull my own teeth out of my head to save you. I was once told that this is love, but I’ve been betrayed so many times that it’s so unbelievable to me. I love the happiness you give me, and I can’t believe it crept out of […]

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    We can’t relate anymore. I feel like life is tearing us apart, and every single day the mountains push us further and further apart. This could be the end of everything, and I’m so exhausted. We still love and trust each other, but everything is running against us. I feel like we have a decision […]

  • We are so pressed for time! There isn’t any time for chatter anymore, leaving us with our blood pressure too high, our heads aching, and our hearts racing. I don’t want to play anymore.

  • She was convinced that the world had nothing to offer her. She’d given up. There were no dreams to be found.

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    You make my skin crawl, in a forceful, disturbingly wonderful kind of way. This is not love or lust. This is just complete adoration, dripping in honey so sweet that the bees can’t make it. I have to force myself to breathe underwater until I reach the Mariana Trench, so deep that the sun cannot […]

  • My blood is boiling now, it will scald you if you touch it. You should know better than to make me this angry. I can’t take this anymore, and I think my heart is going to burst. I don’t want to cry anymore, so I guess I just need to get stronger.

  • You imagined all the violence in the world. It never happened, but you knew you were rotten on the inside, and you wanted to destroy the world. Hold it in your crafty hands and squeeze. Set off all the bombs with your mind, but one at a time in a constant reign of terror.

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    I miss the food. If I were to return for any reason, it would be for the food. I miss the anticipation of getting picked up by you at the station. I miss you in general. You always made me the best breakfasts, and I still haven’t found anything to compare to it.

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    I have so many plans but I never, ever carry through with them. Why can’t I just do that? Why can’t I just follow a list and lose all the stress? Why does everything I touch turn to shit? Why can’t I just be happy? I always planned to be happy. Big fancy surgeon and […]

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    She did slam poetry, onstage and in front of everyone and the world. She was never ashamed. She did not give two shits what they thought of the ostrich-feather boa draped around her body like a string of lights on a Christmas tree. They clapped, she bowed, her tits fell out, she laughed, they laughed.

  • Are you happy pushing that stroller up and down the street? Are you pleased that you never became the surgeon you wanted to become because you got knocked up at twenty two? I hope you’re happy that instead of saving lives, you’re pushing a brand new one around like it’s nothing.

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    He scooped her up off her feet in one, sweeping motion. He moved her out of the way of that runaway truck, and she promised to love him forever.

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    I came to ask you never to lie to me again. But I don’t know why I I bothered, as liars will be liars.