• I was weaving in between the two cars, speeding up towards a light shone brightly as we needed to make it into the tunnel that shines so brightly.

  • It was a sad departure. The gloom of the clouds hung low and heavy above their heads. The bellowing boats rolled by on the rocky wakes, pulling up and pushing away. He held her hand, she held his. Readjusting their grips refreshed their hold and helped the good bye seem longer.

  • And I saw it far away. I leaped across the creek, bouncing my toes off the tops of stones, pursuing a creature I had not yet encountered. And I have not yet crossed an animal I have not tried to conquer and this woman’s beaver is one of them. I made it to her in miraculous speed, and before any of the other brutes could introduce themselves to her first…

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    I was dating this girl when she said she loved me. I didn’t stutter. i just didn’t speak at all. After she looked at me for a bit, I didn’t know what else to do but occupy my mouth. There was a scolding hot cup of coffee, and I grabbed it, and started continuously slow-slipping it so I didn’t have to answer. I burned my tongue and couldn’t taste…[Read more]

  • I didn’t think it was possible. I mean, the time was already passed, and I was trying to catch up. I worked hard, and fought harder. Despite the dire circumstance, i wasn’t going to go out without producing something. And I made it. I made it possible.

  • Wilted, withered flower petals sulk over themselves in the shadows of the bookshelf. Dust hasn’t yet thickly collected, but a thin layer is visible. Take-out boxes are emptied on the floors. Beer bottles are bundled in the sink with dirty dishes. I haven’t seen her and she hasn’t returned my calls.

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    I avoided her, not cause I disliked her, rather, I was truly infatuated by her. Even if a mere casual conversation would arise, I’d become flustered and lose my way, not understanding what to say cause I assume all things rambled on would be better kept unsaid…

  • He’s the type of guy who never says “thank you,” or “sorry.” He’s not appreciative nor sympathetic. He lacks the qualities necessary to make him a good guy. I hate that I’m so grateful in those moments where good qualities occur from within him, cause I settle for those ocassions.

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    Everyone was still. His words minced the air with thickness and we all listened intently. I don’t know how, but this man stopped everyone in the streets. He boasted from the corner of an intersection and this was the curbside prophet everyone was looking for.

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    She was a terrible mess. After barging in late at night, pushing the door open with declared calamity, I could tell she was too much of a trifle to deal with. I didn’t know how to tell her she was in the wrong apartment. So, I turned off my television and gaming system, left a pillow and blanket for her to sleep on the couch, then went upstairs to…[Read more]

  • The wind jolts my umbrella from over me, but I adjust and regain my composure. It must be raining sideways. Fat drops of water saturate my cigarette, so I flick it to the curb. I usually have better mornings than this… I usually win instead of losing.

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    He was angry still. Nothing really dissipated as the steam rose from his red hot head. Instead, he just boiled over and spewed with a volcanic rage. It burned and seared all in front of him. No one will ever touch his cheese again.

  • I saw the sun hanging high and wondered if it was there to free me. I felt the ice flake off and movement return to my body. The water around me fell back into liquid form and I was free. I was swimming through the clear pond and nothing else really mattered. I was awakened.

  • It bubbled for minutes and disrupted my sitting. Too many people were near by and it was impossible for me to ask all these people to move as I scoot down the long pew. I just tried to let it out as quiet as possible. I did. It wasn’t a success, but I felt comfort.