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    I remember how I felt. I felt calm and collected, but also I felt alone. But not in the sense that it bothered me. I felt alone in the way, that no one will ever fit with me like some kind of puzzle piece. And its not that I feel I’m missing something romantic in that way either. But I tend to hang onto relationships and friendships that almost…[Read more]

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    My dad used to get off work around 1-2am, and my mother would always go pick him up and if us kids stayed up late enough, we’d get to come with. I’d run as fast as I could as I saw him walking out the door. He smelled of paper, clean paper. and fresh plastic bags. He worked at a post office. Always in jeans and a plaid overcoat. His beard would…[Read more]

  • List the ingredients to who I am.
    As if I am someone to make up,
    I am ready, I am ready,
    they take me out–
    not knowing, I am still someone raw on the inside.

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    The ever going notion that you need to reflect upon yourself, only to make oneself better –only so that you can ripple through each action you’ve considered and have done, to turn it into the peacemaker. To come to and also end ones self only to find another and another. Buddha, the belly rubs of wisdom. A belly so big, there is a universe that s…[Read more]