• Orchestra

    A night filled with musics and performance.

  • Abstract doesn’t necessarily mean that you are taking something. It can also mean you are helping something escape by abstracting them So that they would not get hurt or so that they can live a better life. Abstracting can be a good thing But it can also be a bad thing if it is use […]

  • BlackMistress commented on the post, icicle 8 years, 2 months ago

    Okay for the first time I realise i don’t know what icicle means. So let me write what I think is the meaning, which is an ice that is hanging from somewhere high like a cave or something like that. Well since I don’t know what icicle truly and hundred percently means, please respond to […]

  • Beginning of something is horrible

    But the ending would be worse

    So treasure your moments

    Before you die

    And your beginning ends.