• The ticking of the clock reverberates in the empty, echoing space between her ears like the thrumming of a bass guitar turned to maximum. Somewhere off in the distance she is thinking; weighing and measuring and calculating and debating; she can feel the words coming out of her mouth, see the reactions and responses of her peers; yet all she can…[Read more]

  • “ou…ther..?…see…an’t…miss…”

    The radio burst to life with a heavy crunch of static. The message was a garbled mess, but somebody had heard her! Hope and relief she had not dared to allow before blossomed in her chest.

    She would finally be going home.

  • The weight settles just behind her nose, a constant dull pressure that causes her vision to blur with unfocused eyes and and her thoughts to spiral into useless tendrils of discordant sound screaming at her.

    “It’s all my fault.”

  • “Are you enjoying playing the wallflower, sister dear?”

    Elizabeth isn’t surprised to see her brother appear like a specter at her side brandishing his observations like a saber. She slouches a little further into the wall and tucks her chin down, smiling up at him with teasing eyes beneath her lashes.

    “At least I am playing the social…[Read more]

  • Out of the skillet and into the fire, that’s what her Grandmama would’ve said.

    Now, her Grandmama would’ve said the whole thing was a fool’s errand to begin with. That all of her wonderful reasons were a crock of bull too. And after she’d spent all that time getting all her little ducks in a row. Grandmama wouldn’t said she had nothing to show…[Read more]

  • Her skin is pink and aching from the scrubbing and she’s long since run out of hot water, but she turns on the shower again.

    Just one more and she knows she’ll finally feel clean.

  • “Breathe, breathe, breathe darling, breathe.”

    She whispers the words under her own shortened breath like a prayer; fingers rubbing circles into the sobbing boy’s back rather harder than the child probably wanted, but it was the only way to stop her hands from shaking.

    “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

  • “Someone should take him down.”

    It’s oh so casual, tossed towards her as he passes on his way out the door. To anyone else it would be innocuous. And complete plausible deniability if push came to shove.

    But she knew a kill order when she heard one.

  • Her hands quivered with nerves she didn’t know she possessed.

    No, that wasn’t right. She knew she had the nerves, it was the courage (or stupidity) to ignore those nerves she didn’t know she possessed.

    And yet, there she was, shaking hands and all, ready to lay her heart out on a silver platter and hand it to a monster to eat.

    She knew…[Read more]

  • Lormryn was never one to find peace in the temples. Far from a devote believer (of any power), she wormed her way out of every service she possibly could growing up. She’d given up the pretense altogether as an adult.

    So she knew the situation was dire when she slipped into the back of the quiet, empty temple, lit a candle, and prayed harder…[Read more]

  • Round and round and round you spin. Weaving in and out of swirling circles comprised of people, Fae, and other things you’ve only dreamed about; never dared hope existed. Vaguely you remember there is life outside what dances in the ring of the bonfire, but the memories are just as murky, just as faded, as the darkness beyond.

    Laugh and twirl,…[Read more]

  • He stopped, footing hovering over the threshold. He knew that he shouldn’t be there. Knew that he should leave well enough alone. But how was he supposed to resist the temptation? One never became a great detective by holding back, did they?

    Taking a deep breath, he dropped his foot on the floor inside, pressing cautiously on the door to open…[Read more]

  • “I got nothin’,” he whined, tossing himself against the booth bench in a sprawling mess. “That guy just doesn’t want to talk. I think I got three syllables out of him in ten minutes. Three!”

    Ginny couldn’t help the chuckle that bubbled in her throat at her friend’s expense. He was adorable when he was fed up. That didn’t mean she wasn’t still…[Read more]

  • With a groan he shoved himself off the unforgiving pavement, wiping at the blood smeared down his chin on the way up. He instantly regretted his desire to be vertical, far preferring the uncomfortable pavement over the pounding that blossomed between his ears.

    Gritting his teeth, he started limping his way towards the main road, praying he…[Read more]

  • Dragging his brush through paint again, he makes one more long, even stroke. A light dab is the finishing touch and he steps back to admire his handiwork.

    He grins, satisfied.

    With a skip in his step he quickly gathers his supplies and scurries away, sure in the knowledge someone will stumble over her body soon enough.

    Amazing how easy it…[Read more]

  • My hands shook with lingering nerves as a grasped the handle to the only thing that had kept us alive for the last 24 hours. Readying myself to open pandora’s box, unleash whatever horrors still lurked beyond our closed door.

    Regardless of the cabin fever itching away at my patience, I lingered. If the cacophony we had heard was any indication,…[Read more]

  • The first time she visited the temple she felt distinctly out of place. Safuri purring in her ear did nothing to help her agitation. She did everything within her power to try and blend in, but she knows she failed miserably.

    Indeed, they singled her out just as easily as Safuri had.

    The second time, her unease with the situation had begun…[Read more]

  • I took a deep breath, feeling the quiet, still, calmness of the forest fill my lungs. How was it possible that something so simple, something so basic, could have such a profound effect upon me? Just being in the woods surrounded by nature was enough to calm my agitated mind. A balm to my wounded soul.

  • She hated this feeling, clawing its way up her chest, constricting her throat, restricting her oxygen. Making her feel dizzy and light headed with its horrible oppressiveness. No matter how hard she tried, she could not shake it. Unable to rid herself of its thorn and its claws, eating away at her from the inside out.

  • Together they walked, hand in hand, down the waterfront. She dangled flip flops from her hand, having long ago cast them off in favor of the sensation of sand between her toes. His other hand was empty, instead occupied by gesturing wildly to underline the salient points in the story he was telling.

    You watched them from your perch far away,…[Read more]