• The news blared from the television screen, from the radio, stood out in bold-face capital letters in newspaper headlines. It was shouted across busy streets and murmured about in cafes. There was no escaping it. It was the story of the century.

  • Clean air.
    White cotton.
    A summer breeze.
    Summer is so simple, so carefree.
    Winter is dark and complicated and tosses your emotions back and forth with complete and utter abandon, from yuletide cheer to frozen depression.
    Summer is simple.
    Even when things shouldn’t be straightforward –
    Somehow, in summer, they are.

  • The basketball bounces off the hoop every time. It never goes in. Sneakers squeak on the gym floor as I dribble and run again and again. I’m too short for this. I know it. I will never, ever, ever make the team.

    I catch the ball as it bounces. Turn around. Run in for the shot. Jump again. Higher, this time.

  • She runs up the steps and almost falls, so boundless is her enthusiasm. She doesn’t even notice and just keeps going, taking them too at a time. She is always in a hurry to go somewhere. She is always eager to take the next step towards her future.

  • The dentist leans closer. I grimace at the screech of plastic gloves against freshly scrubbed enamel. When he moves back I try without success to get the gritty toothpaste taste out of my mouth as he announces I […]

  • There was total silence. No one stirred as they stood on the hilltop, staring down at their enemies’ camp. It was nearly dawn. There time was limited. They had to attack before anyone woke up and spotted them. […]

  • He stood, blazing and blindingly radiant in front of her. His eyes glowed. A man born again. A lost cause given new hope. A phoenix raised from the ashes.

  • I walk onto the stage, fighting the shaking in my hands. Squinting at the bright lights. My socks slip on the wooden floor. I take several deep breaths, hoping the judges don’t notice how nervous I am as I take my […]

  • The dark wood was smooth beneath her nervous hands and her feet twisted over the rich carpet. She didn’t belong in this room, so formal and polished, with these people in their neat, dark suits. She plucked at […]

  • I stood beneath the pouring rain, watching the droplets tremble along my skin and over my outstretched fingers. Thunder rolled deeply in the distance, but I didn’t move. I was frozen to the spot, my feet sending […]

  • Sometimes we want to be blind. We know there are things we should be seeing, things we’re supposed to take note of, but we refuse to look. We don’t WANT to know. We don’t WANT to see. It’s a foolish thing to do, […]

  • She closed her eyes against the tears, still clutching his hand, lost in grief, her heart shuddering before every beat, as if it wasn’t sure it could keep going through so much pain.
    And then he started breathing again.

  • She ran her fingers over the woven placemat, tracing its rows, studying its surface with her fingers. Anything to take her mind off what was in front of her. Anything to distract her from his parents disapproving stares.

  • dearest. darling.
    Words I once thought meant something
    Terms of endearment I once believed.
    You said they meant you’d never hurt me.
    And like always
    I believed your lies.

  • Salvation. God. I get so lost sometimes. I’m so glad I found salvation. I can remember everything. The song – it was so beautiful. It showed me that this kind of thing can be beautiful, not restricting. I was […]