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    What is a secretary really? A person that works out a job, I really cant think of much to do with this word so I’m just typing, for some reason every time I think of this word I think of “dirty” Like a slutty secretary or sexy secretary, it’s ridiculous I know but it’s weird […]

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    As john was running down the playground tossing the ball to himself not noticing that he had almost tripped and fell on the spikes that were coming out of the ground, ‘whew that was close’ he thought as he sidestepped them and continued on his merry way.

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    “Andrew” stop throwing paper across the classroom and get back to work on your diagram yelled Ms. Pearce, as she was walking away Andrew took another paper aimed it well and tossed it at the back of hear head, “that’s it no more”! yelled Ms. Pearce, report to the principals office.