• Busy
    Mind numbing
    Open windows.

  • All I wanted was a shoulder to cry on
    To give me something to hold dear
    Something to listen
    And something to have all to my own..

    But that’s unrealistic.
    Stupid, even.
    How can I depend on something so unobtainable to run my life?
    But it’s something I cannot live without.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, taboo 6 years, 9 months ago

    The whole world is one big taboo.
    Why so we judge so harshly?
    Why can’t we just get along?
    Love each other?
    Why is everything different
    What’s wrong with us?
    It’s something human
    Accept it.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, auburn 6 years, 9 months ago

    Her hair flowed through the sunlight
    Catching waves of amber
    She looked back at me and smiled
    Lips parting to show pearls
    Such perfect as she ran through that field
    The breeze swaying the tall grass
    The memories that still warm me.

  • The ring glows around his decrepit little fingers.
    Such an unsightly thing…
    Yet so precious.
    Blue eyes that cry in agony..
    Pale skin that refuses the sun’s kindness.
    Kindness that is fading.
    And an instinct to kill.

  • I hear them mumbling behind my back…
    I know what they’re saying.
    They snicker, sneer.
    I’m just a big joke to them.

    But I ignore it.
    Why should I care?
    So I’ll go on my way and try not to think
    Of their mumbles that ripped at my mind.

  • Such strong signals.
    So little time.
    Why can we sense some and others remain untouched?
    It’s so simplistic yet so demanding.
    it’ll rip out your soul or complete it.
    Something one can never describe in words.
    I feel the most.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, lamb 6 years, 12 months ago

    Lion and the lamb
    so courageous and small
    adorable and frail
    strong symbolically.
    What it is to be slung over the Shepherd’s shoulder
    to be praised
    and loved.
    I find it odd, how you represent a plant.
    Nature in all aspects.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, sentenced 7 years ago

    So harsh, for such distraction.
    Who are they to judge us? Just because they’ve deemed themselves superior?
    Though you cannot rebel
    a sentence like this.
    it’s something we have to face, nothing we can disobey.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, weathered 7 years ago

    Such worn hands.
    So many years providing
    Old age can’t take you.
    Your soul is weathered… your spirit strong.
    How I admire you and your dedication.
    How I love you Grandfather.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, flailing 7 years ago

    I can feel her, so cold, flailing inside.
    So cold and empty.
    She screams and I can’t bear to hear her.
    So desperate and alone.
    Why won’t she leave?
    Why can’t I help?
    Someone save us from this monster.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, fatigue 7 years ago

    Everyone, sleepless.
    Loveless and hopeless.
    The world has a sickness
    called fatigue.
    No one can cure it.
    We’ve brought it upon ourselves
    Because we’re all lazy.
    And we’ve become too lazy to care
    to want to change it.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, willed 7 years ago

    Only a certain breed of human has you.
    You are so beautiful..
    A will is something you can never give up.
    Yet this becomes a dream ruined,,
    How can people give you up?
    You are my everything.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, flat 7 years ago

    You can describe so many things
    A chest
    A board
    A sound
    A picture.
    But what do you mean?
    Something only 2 dimensional?
    Or something boring?
    You confuse me, flat.
    But how wondrous you are.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, learn 7 years ago

    How will we survive without instinct?
    How can we go on without knowledge.
    Something simple and known
    or something complex that makes no sense.
    It’s funny how things work.
    Especially our minds.

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, plays 7 years ago

    I love when he plays with my hair.
    Curling the tips, the edges around his fingers.
    Lingering in one spot because he sees the goosebumps rising on my skin.
    How sensual.
    How pure.
    Why can’t this last forever?

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, ancient 7 years ago

    Why can’t things be like they were back then.
    Now all we are is rock
    a memory
    or great
    a book
    Something more worthwhile
    Something remembered
    And not just a pest, like the vermin we are now.
    What happened to great civilization?

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, growing 7 years ago

    As kids we look forward to growing up.
    Being independent. Being tall.
    Our parents can’t ground us,
    We can eat as much ice cream as we want.
    Nothing can stop us, and we can become super heroes.
    What has happened?

  • Jordan Barker commented on the post, think 7 years ago

    People need to actually think. We need to expand our knowledge and learn more than our past generations. But we’ve become so lazy as a race that we complain about a mere few hours at school. We, as americans, are far behind.