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    She opened her eyes blearily. “Dad?” She looked around. Where was she? Where was her dad? Hadn’t he just been here? She looked around and heard a faint beeping. She barely registered it.

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    She cleared her throat and nodded her head in the general direction of a woman looking for a seat. He craned his neck. “What?”
    “That’s Cynthia.”
    “No, it can’t be.”
    “It’s been 15 years, Ryan, she doesn’t look at all the same, but that’s her. Watch her walk.”

  • She scanned over the letter. It wasn’t glowing, sure, but it was pretty good.

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    Plugging in her phone, she breathed a sigh of relief. Charge started surging into the battery. She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. Now there was nothing to do but wait. She mentally made a list of the next steps.

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    She sniffed, trying to keep the tears from rolling down the bridge of her nose. She pulled the pillow closer to her, squeezing it as if it was a branch on a tree.

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    She had the ethos down pat. The pathos was a little tricker, but she could fake her way through it. It was the logos that really tripped her up. Facts, figures, logic, progressions, anything that needed to sound reasoned and calm- that wasn’t ever going to be her strong suit. She sighed dramatically. See? No logos to be seen for miles.

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    She could barely lift her head. “I’m dizzy.”
    “I know, honey. Let me help you up, okay?”
    “I can’t.”
    “Okay, okay.” He squated next to her, nervously. “What can we do?”
    “WE can’t do anything, okay? Stop doing that.”
    “I’m trying to help.”
    “I know, I just… I don’t feel good.”

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    Her hand shot up. No one else’s did. She quickly lowered it, but Mrs. Fischer had already seen. She nodded towards Diane.

  • The house was perfect, a dream. The green shutters, the white siding, the weeping willow in the front, a wrapping porch. She almost gasped.

  • The snack was perfect. Perfect size. Perfect proportion. She was annoyed by it all. She felt the cold linoleum on her feet and hated that too. Everything in this house was pristine. She wanted to burn it down she was so angry.
    Of course she didn’t really want to burn it down…

  • She read the label, trying to decipher the names of the minerals and vitamins it claimed to give her. Seemed legit.
    What did she know anyway?
    She swallowed it down, choking slightly.

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    She loved the zoo. And it made her sad. Both realities lived in her joints as she walked to the big cat house to see the lions. The lions were her favorite at this zoo. Most of the time it was elephants, but this zoo was smaller and had no room for elephants. Or giraffes. Just two geriatric lions.

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    They put up a huge piece of paper on the wall. End to end, it was probably 10 feet. Everyone was given a marker and one by one they got up and added to the paper. It could be words. It could be images. It could be adding on-to someone’s previous contribution.

  • She looked around the dingy room. Cobwebs in the corner. It felt like something out of the Old West. She tried to get comfortable in the chair and ignore the men across the divide of the benches. She was decently sure she was safe.

  • She felt like a million bucks. Or more accurately like about $1300. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. It was like she had never seen herself before this moment. She blinked, just to confirm that it was her. It was. That was all her. “Oh wow,” she intoned, not really conscious of her mouth moving.

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    She braced herself against the dash board and closed her eyes.

    We’re FINE, Brandy. GOD.

    Look, I didn’t know. It looked like you were going to hit them.

    Could you trust me, for like longer than three minutes?

    I do trust you, we were just going really fast, okay, God.

  • She stared at the ceiling, counting slowly down from 10. The time was now. But she wasn’t ready. She exhaled. Alright. Here we go.

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    They walked for what felt like miles. Her feet had their own choir of pain. “Are we there yet?”
    “Did you seriously…”
    “Sorry, I’m just in a lot of pain, okay?”
    “I know, can we just… you can wait, I’ll find the car.”
    “No, I feel bad making you search.”
    “Well I feel bad making YOU search.”

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    She was laughing so hard she barely heard him get up. She threw her head back and curled her legs up to her chest. “Oh my god.”
    He was beside her, sliding next to her, his arm around her and her head landed naturally on his shoulder as she giggled.

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    The blue glass gave the whole table a sort of underwater aura. She smiled up at him. “It’s beautiful.”
    “Oh, good.” He walked back to the kitchen, every step anxiety.