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    Across the streets, the drills had already begun, saws buzzing, and was that a jackhammer? She pulled her pillow over her head and groaned. This was not how she imagined being awoken on her day off. Where were the birds? Where was the breakfast in bed? Alex tossed the sheets aside on top of her as he climbed out of bed groggily.

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    She blinked her eyes. They looked identical. It was spooky. She looked back from the photo to the mirror. Who was this girl? And why did she look so much like… it was too weird to think about. She shook her head.

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    She closed her eyes and she was there, in paradise. But it didn’t look like other people’s paradise might. Her’s was a small apartment on the second floor of a Chicago high-rise, clothes strewn on the floor, and his fingers playing along the back of neck like a flute while she was lulled to sleep by the tempo of his breathing.

  • She felt a cool rush of air between the cracks. “That’s not good.”
    “There’s air coming through the floorboards.”
    “Ugh, you’re joking,” he groaned, up to his elbows in soapy water.
    “Nope. We’ll figure it out,” she assured him.

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    Her legs were shaking. She kept sipping the coffee, even though she was anxious and the caffine wasn’t helping.

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    He clapped his hands, “So, the tour?”
    “Yeah, okay.”
    He motioned with his head towards the kitchen, “So, kitchen.”
    “Good, you need a kitchen.”

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    She grabbed the wheel and slowly backed out. She started to shift around in her seat, trying to get comfortable.
    “Eyes on the road.”
    “The seat adjustment is all wrong.”
    “Well, put it in park before you futz with it.”

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    What do you think?
    I think it’s great.
    I thought you might hate it.
    I don’t hate it.
    Are you sure?
    I’m sure.
    I’m probably going to keep it like this.
    You should.
    Okay, I’m gonna…
    If you want.
    Do you want?
    I dunno.

  • She slammed the drawer shut. “Well, what do you want me to do about it.” It wasn’t a question. It was definetly a statement.
    Had Stan been a smart man, he would have backed off right then and there. But Stan never quite knew when to leave well enough alone. This was definitely not “well enough”

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    She found her watch, but it read 12:20, and that couldn’t be right. She held it up to her ear. Nothing. Great. She looked outside, but the rain made it impossible to know what time it was.

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    I bury my face in the smell of him and instantly it all dissolves- the distance, the difficulty, the disconnect. I am here and he is here and that’s all that matters anymore. I listen to him breath and adjust my body to his and we just stand there.

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    She watched the muscles in his arm move under his skin as he worked the knife. It was weirdly mesmerizing.

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    She clicked off the overhead light and used the small nightlight in the corner to guide her steps back to the bed. “Is that nightlight going to bother you?”
    “I hope not,” Paul shifted in the bed to make room for her, “I’m hoping I will be distracted by other things.”

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    She splashed water on her face and stared into the mirror. She looked older. Tired. She couldn’t reduce the puffiness in her face like this. She would have to sleep. Exhaustion seeped into her skin.

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    She straightened her shoulders, throwing them back in a way that was almost painful. No matter. She had to stand tall.

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    She sipped her coffee thoughtfully, almost feeling the caffine activating her joints. It was a good feeling. She blinked and responded, “Yeah, I think so.”

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    The sun setting behind the buildings left everything on the horizon with an ominous glow. Usually sunset was a beautiful time. Today…
    Something was different, she couldn’t quite identify what it was, but something was definitely different.

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    She pushed her hair out of her face, a tell-tale sign that she was winging it. I tried not to laugh at her. “Okay,” she said, looking down at the script, turning the pages, her brain working at a 100 mph. She picked up a pen and pointed absently upstage.

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    It’s wrong.
    It’s so wrong.
    She knew that, deep in her gut. She watched him approach her, nodding politely to people as he passed them, but not engaging. She felt the familiar pull at the back of her knees, as if they wanted to give out.

  • She quickly counted the hands. “Majority. Sorry, Kerry, it looks like that’s where we are at.”
    There was a stony silence from stage right, but everyone did their best to ignore it and move on with the meeting.
    “Right,” Susan said briskly, “What’s next?”