• dorf commented on the post, bricks 6 years, 3 months ago

    If there was anything I could get stuck on, it definitely was not the idea of living here for much longer. I know that these rocky shores are so awash with problems nestled deep in it’s nooks and cranny’s that a clean slate is out of the question. despite this, regardless of whatever life keeps hurling my way, by days end it is still my boat to fix.

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    I cannot remember where I started, or where I was destined by this point in time. The tunnels ran through the dirt like holes eaten by worms. I knew coming here in secret may not have been my wisest decision, and now that I may never escape from this place, I almost wish I had never came.

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    One of those days again. I was coming back from school, riding the same three hour commute I was forced to take every weekend. By the time I arrived to the good ol’ dungeon with the gang, I would have that simple question: what do we do when we have nothing to do? Every week, on Thursday before I had to go to bed to work, we lit up and got blasted.

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    My elders always enchanted me with their stories. It seemed like they had lived through every myth, fable, and origin pertaining to everything I knew. Wit such fancies and roles already played out, I often wondered when it would be time for me to weave my own tales.

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    There was a marsh out back of the farm I grew up on as a child. There was nothing too special about it, but one part looked like the shore of a lake when you walked through enough of the trees. I remember walking out there, always pretending to be a pirate, then one day we did find treasure; a full container of coins. I got $100 from that small…[Read more]

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    I always found I could not just give a simple piece of news, advice, or reason. There was also a story to almost everything I said. Some people tell me this is just the offshoot of wisdom, others tell me I just talk to much. whatever it was that constituted it, I feel like I also agree with both sides.

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    bleeting and belting, inturrupting music, and keeping their towers locked from the human interest, I saw the lambs with the goats. This, to me was unusual for I had always seen them as two different sides of the same coin. one of violence, and one of fear. Where then, did this lamb come from?