• Eligia V. A. commented on the post, thieves 3 years, 2 months ago

    memories are the thieves of my sleep-time. they come at night wandering around the corridors of my brain-cell, trying to get my attention. they are getting more interesting to be noticed minutes by minutes. they evolve into horrendous imagination, and then flung into a dream abyss. once I surrender to it, I cannot wake up without feeling terrorized.

  • mismatching outfit this day won’t be perceived as weird for one, but he would suffer in the future when he looked back on what he wore yesterdays.

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    she saw
    people waiting for their turn,
    suddenly chaos inside her started to vomit
    the food she ate before

  • i bought a box on a art market. they said there toadstool will grow if i give it enough water everyday. i am so excited.

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    I’m so lucky to get this word. I am an agricultural student. I discuss with farmers. They are superheroes. Sometimes when I did not finish my dinner, I’ll be in regret.

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    I can’t go skiing since we have no snow, since the sun always comes up before any ice floor that shiny like mirror below those feet turn as hard as glass.

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    the quilted clouds floating around the plane
    determine the fate of people on the passenger train
    decide the destiny of souls on the sea lane
    this is a part of life called refrain

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    sunrise above Setumbu Hill
    a beautiful scenery of Borobudur
    very early in the morning
    it’s cold before your hand grabs mine

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    likely I have not finished
    this poem last night
    the idea seems vanished
    left this paper in plain white
    like those words fled away
    when we were dating
    we could not even saying
    good bye on that Christmas day

  • these days reminded me of last summer
    when I decided to wake up from my slumber
    hiked the mountain like a thunder hunter
    left the last supper to discover
    to find a brand new me, brother
    no longer be any bread’s butter
    to find a brand new me, sister
    no longer suffer as a world’s lover

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    do what you want with my body
    like you have known me all years
    like you have known me as a disk jockey
    who play this song just for my baby

  • “Her hands are wide open to welcome the sunshine that creeping on her between the leaves’ shadows of the mangroves. She is alone, but I am the one who is in the loneliness. When she feels the warmth of the sun, I am dazzled by the light that touches her. I want to see closer, to admire its beauty. However as the amount of that desire increases, I…[Read more]

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    The fox jumps and jumps but never reach
    The rabbit jumps and jumps and always reach
    But both of them don’t think like that
    Only the writer can think that way

  • welcoming night as darkness is a friend
    oftentimes haunted by jasmine scent
    no one coming to comprehend
    till the breath tightened at the end

  • i feel like a veteran in this world
    where the new is always coming
    unfortunately i am the wide road
    and they are the wheel which rolls above me
    consume over and over again
    one’s always missing
    one’s always come to buy
    i am that poor veteran

  • like the unlike
    I avoided you
    now i want you to listen
    this song
    for you to know
    my muse is you

    i hope
    not to making
    something worthwhile
    out of the place
    i’m not anymore
    avoiding you

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    everything is determined by its values
    action, dress, even statues
    they are all in
    and will never ever have been

    the law of time you said
    for me it’s the law of the head lead
    but where are you ?
    waiting your half brew stew?

  • When Hermione reach the point of understanding of what Ron just said about house-elf, she said “Ron, how’d you be so stubborn all this time?” Then she is not thinking about anything than a kiss. A kiss for Ron.

  • Eligia V. A. commented on the post, spiral 5 years, 11 months ago

    spiral stairs to divination tower
    led the logic becomes flour dust
    the death is only the matter of hours
    secrets, to whom you trust?

    spiral stairs will come this year
    led the green turn out to be rotten
    for others despair becomes cheers
    remember for me you won’t be forgotten

  • Is this unplanned?
    I am together with you again
    you come with your grand
    when I come with all this pain
    you who hide cash in hand
    I who mock your capital gain
    maybe I’m the one with the plan
    to ruin your campaign
    we are not in promised land
    but this is not coup de main