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    The world’s a scary place right now. Hell, it always has been. But technology has made it scarier. Made it easier for the bad people to be badder, do badder things. It’s easy now, you know, to find people. To hunt people. We have made ourselves prey for the predators of the world. We tweet, we post stories, we check ourselves in. ‘I’m on vacation,…[Read more]

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    An engagement ring is cliché. And so much can go wrong – shape, style, colour; gold, while gold, silver? Also, so very impersonal. But alas, it has to be jewelry, and it has to be thoughtful, and it has to be sentimental, and it has to be romantic. So a necklace is inevitable. Easily personalized as to apply to thoughtfulness and sentimentality,…[Read more]

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    Everyone has a quest in life, oftentimes they’re those suggested to you by society from the time of your birth; to be successful, to have a family, to be rich. But success has a different meaning to each individual, family means more than blood, and riches come in many forms other than money.

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    Fear, distress, anxiety, nervousness. Emotions. All of which I feel every day. This world has been changing, I’ve felt it, known it. But the process is speeding up. I am no longer safe, we are no longer safe, and fear, well it’s become the go-to emotion. Every moment spent here is one spent in terror. Yet we remain here, because an escape is damn…[Read more]

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    I am alone. Always. Never had a family, always an intruder, never welcomed in to a home. An orphan, I grew up surrounded by children like me, but always with one major difference. Someone always came for them. I felt secluded, was secluded, hell I still am. I guess some things never change. But they will. Having no one, being no one, means one…[Read more]

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    I stood alone, casting a shadow that was to be my only company, possibly forever. It seemed that this was to be my fate, not only alone, but undividedly lonely. I belonged to no one, fit in nowhere. My shadow the only confirmation that I had not yet perished, and still belonged to this unceremonious world.

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    I flexed my fingers around the object checking my grip. I was literally holding on for dear life. I knew that if I lost it it would not only be the end of my life, but for everyone in this world.

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    I didn’t know whether to surrender or fight, or whether I had the energy and strength to fight even if I wanted to. But I knew, somewhere inside of me that thinking this was just a distraction. I had no options, I […]

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    It was getting harder and harder to sustain the tough girl bravado I had been displaying since the hunt had begun. I was exhausted, extremely dehydrated and I was out of options. The creature was advancing now, […]

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    I realised all too late that the creature hadn’t been intent on killing me, but instead intent on retrieving the mysterious item I had found that morning. It was nothing less than a miracle that I was still […]

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    I covered my eyes hoping ‘it’ would go away, that I would become invisible, like a child playing ‘peekaboo’. Not surprisingly, it didn’t. The creature that had been chasing me for days was still approaching, and […]

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    ‘It’ wasn’t like anything I had ever seen before and it certainly wasn’t something from this realm, or from those surrounding. On first inspection I had assumed that it was nothing more than wet sand due to its […]