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    within two pitch-black hemispheres, between two soft cushions of faux-leather, under an arch of polyethylene and silicone, beneath a perfectly curved sheet of shiny, galvanized aluminum, above a cord of brass and softened thermoplastic sits my pensive marble.

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    so i was standing there, all enveloped by a soft breeze which filled upmy nostrils, throat and lungs with the scent of brisk late autumn. the sort that makes your thighs icecold but your armpits sweaty from the climb up to the ridge of the mountain forest. and i enjoyed

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    what i love most about quality kitchen tools or appliances, in full acceptance of their exorbitant price, is intelligent design. and by that i mean an object which has been sculptured in such a way that its shape fulfills its purpose to the furthest extent, while pleasing aesthetically.

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    i want you to close your eyes, dear, we’re floating, we’re bunny hopping along, no keep them closed, sweetheart, it’s going to be ok, you’re on a meadow full of flowers, it smells of honey dew and you see a fawn skipping off towards the edge of a forest. do you see the brook sparkling there, birdie keep your eyes closed, i’m begging you

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    yeah, that’s a good one.

    being fed through a tube at 97 and having to ask for somebody to open up the blinds.
    holding up young, withered hands to a river of individuals, cold as steel and equally empathic.

    do you know what it means to be in need? to truly depend on other’s mercy, waking up every morning (if you’re lucky), and holding your…[Read more]

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    i swear it’ll be the last time, please believe, i don’t intend to cause any more harm you have to put faith in me or else i will lose my religion, so help me, i beg you to allow it for one more moment before i can begin to repent

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    Within her eyebrows, those rusty caterpillars, dwelt this deep trench, an abyss that never disappeared save for the moments when she stopped tinkering, stopped thinking, stopped tossing around the ideas in her head, and the tools underneath her hands. it was a marvelous sight, her face a range of mountains, shrouded in the mists of conception, a…[Read more]

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    the brains of schizophrenic store the better part of their memories unfiltered, resulting in a devastating amount of information constantly flooding the brain in high detail. that precise memory results in parallels being seen and drawn where there [conventionally] are none.
    good art is surprising, showing us new details of and adventurous…[Read more]

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    come on, think out of the box.

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    What’s this?

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    so there was this ditch, maybe a foot or two, it wasn’t really something either of us worried about but eventually, we fell into it more and more frequently as we made our meandering way home after one binge of neural cell destruction after another. i thought to myself, if i lived west, their mountains would be the height of that ditch.

  • oh, to touch your breasts again, those himalayas of beauty.
    to be able to see them once more, in their milky glory,
    akin to the sun rising over snow-covered peaks.
    your soft little nibs, the camp at which i would strike base.

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    a face of scars
    and nasty wounds
    a hard chin carved
    from glory and doom
    the mirror throws back
    a glint of tar,
    his eyes are black
    a face of scars

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    you’ve fallen down the stairs, chased by torch light and gun shots but you’ve reached the altar after all. the final trip has been made, now that you ascend the steps carved directly from the stone this locus of adoration was built on. your eyes glint in the rotten light of a tomb; the sickness has befallen you, too.

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    sometimes,when i wade through the thicket, i try to listen to all the others that are there. try to behave like i am not a spectator but one of the many that may have been housed by the giant organism i am invading. i don’t feel hostility, i don’t feel anticipation. all that echoes back from the slopes of the mountains is indifference, a sort of…[Read more]

  • i suppose many people get visited by the black dog once in their life. and when that time comes, it’s good to have a shelf, even a whole storage room full of memories bottled up like good wine, to open up in one particularly dark night, so that the spirits of the past may fill your nostrils and dye your tongue with the taste of happiness, when you…[Read more]

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    with an air of piety, i recovered the tiny object from that old, red shoebox. i hadn’t looked at it for at least five years, and yet here it was. a simple white box, containing a simple white cylindric plastic container. a gift from my sister. soap bubbles. it had been more than just an act of humoring my odd knack for collecting soap bubble…[Read more]

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    to the last splinter
    the final crumb of pigment
    my coloured pencil
    went into combat
    conquered white lands
    died a stub
    after a colourful life

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    i can’t even retrace how i did it. but that evening, with no motivation to cook anything spectacular whatsoevern, i managed to produce the single-handledly most delectable meal i’d ever prepared before. it was easy enough: spinach, goat’S cheese and a ripe avocado mixed up with some spices to produce a poison green gooey paste.

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    i swear i hadn’t ever heard of the word that came out of his mouth next. he told me to look it up, to google, and what happened? the link to it’s wikipedia page is already purple, and suddenly the faint memory of something shoves itself on the front desk of my consciousness. i had tried that already. i wanted to synthesize it, too.