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    “Why don’t you just go ahead and demonstrate for me then? Since you’re so obviously talented.” The guy said, flashing a bit of a cocky smirk. He stepped back, giving the girl a look from under the overgrown strands he seemed to call hair, and you could tell the girl was debating if it was some sort of trick or not by the confidence he…[Read more]

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    She grabbed one of the many magazines in the waiting room, grimacing when she realized half of them were about ‘sexy tips for your partner!’ She instantly slapped them back down on the table beside her, looking up […]

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    I watched in horror as the crowd filled the street with hatred, carrying huge picket signs that showed all of their non support for those of us who needed it desperately. I felt awful as I saw the people in the middle getting pushed over and insulted. I felt a sharp stab in my heart. […]

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    I looked around me at the people crowded in the street. Everything about this was wrong. I couldn’t understand why everyone thought this was okay. Gay people needed love to… my mouth dropped open at the people who were getting beaten up in the middle of the center of homophobes. I can’t believe everyone is […]

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    Wings.. So soft, so warm and comforting.. “Erik?” “I’m here.. You’re safe now.. Don’t worry.” She snuggled deeper into the wings, knowing her guardian would protect her, and that she would always be safe with him. “Thank you.”

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    One step.. It is so much harder than it looks when you know you’re stepping towards someone you hate so much. When all of those thoughts flow through your brain, and they step closer, then you know the war has begun without you even saying anything. They know it too, maybe that’s what causes the […]