• fizzingSmile commented on the post, flea 5 years, 9 months ago

    a flea.
    a tiny instrument of nature.
    the thing that causes itching tendencies.
    is crawling on the backs of all of us.

    whose itching to do something right now?
    tell your crush you like him…
    break a bone…
    cut your hair and dye it a different color?

    do it!
    you may think you are minuscule
    but you are worth more
    than you may think.…[Read more]

  • who is easygoing in this world?
    the people who have gone around the world
    twice fold?
    are they the ones who understand it all?

    the drama and the breakups,
    and people beating themselves up?
    does anyone understand why the sun shines,
    and the next minute its quite dreary and dark..

    take me to someone who is easygoing..
    I could use the help.

  • flipped like a pancake.
    into the sea of life.
    tumbling over my own feet,
    as I see is what’s ahead of me.

    I want to be flipped upside right,
    rather than straight towards the sun..
    it’s so bright!
    all up in the light I don’t know if my journey really is done.

  • sundried tomatoes.
    basking in that california sunshine.
    dried up like little prunes…
    or the ends of my fingers after time spent in the shower.

    soaking up that sunshine.
    undoing what you have misplaced.

  • fizzingSmile commented on the post, blamed 6 years ago

    I am blamed for my feelings.
    Red rash flushed upon my cheeks.
    Not being able to control the fear I have
    Of seeing you staring down at me.

    Who you are,
    Is really an unpretty picture
    When I see you at your worst
    And at your best… is never there.

  • I am incomplete without you.
    you are my voice,
    my confidence that the world is still a good place.
    you are almost home…

    I don’t think I can wait
    it’s making me feel giddy to see you
    and I can’t control my laughter
    and you really do relax me…

    you are amazing.

  • fizzingSmile commented on the post, pixels 6 years, 1 month ago

    the pixels in my computer screen.
    light up as I type this message here.
    little tiny dots making up a picture,
    for me to take in.

    to observe.

  • brotherhood sticks together
    like two halves of bread
    when peanut butter and jelly are stuck together
    they go together like brothers.

    thinking of my brother…
    I miss him more than I did before he visited
    I want him to come back…
    I would like to take a snapshot

    and keep it forever.

  • fizzingSmile commented on the post, barren 6 years, 1 month ago

    this desolate barren land.
    cracked underneath my feet,
    sending shivers down my spine
    as I walk along this one thin line.

    from the count of ten.
    sitting here,
    looking about me.

    all I see is openness,
    the beautiful ocean way off in the distance,
    and the trees shadowing my face,
    within all of this space.

  • fizzingSmile commented on the post, casting 6 years, 2 months ago

    casting calls today!!
    yells the director as he pulls up a seat.
    he calls out the next nervous hopeful,
    and as the shaking teenager walks out on stage…

    the lights go dark.
    and out at sea you see sails
    lighting up the dark undertones of
    evening time.

  • fizzingSmile commented on the post, signed 6 years, 2 months ago

    signed yours truly.
    the effortless pen and paper glide together
    in un-amassed fluidity.
    bruising the surface

    as their words puncture the soul.
    as the words piece together
    as a story is formed

    has beens,
    want to bees,
    love muffins,
    and buttercups..

    fill this empty page with faceless memories
    containing pain and sorrow
    containing…[Read more]

  • fizzingSmile commented on the post, soap 6 years, 2 months ago

    reminds me of the pope for some odd reason.
    something to rub yourself clean,
    of all the little impurities of life.

    the dirt under your fingernails rinses clean,
    the nitty gritty in your hair just seems to seep away
    and all that’s left is a sparkle of…


  • to simplify one’s life is to simply…
    fizz out into nothing.
    to extract a small sample
    of the life of the soul.

    who is to say that your life is to complex?
    too incomplete?
    too rough around the edges?
    and yet just filled to the top of the glass…

    who just doesn’t get you?
    who you are is nothing more than a few grains to simplify..