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    Write and rewrite. That’s the thing about words… when they’re spoken they only come once. But if you write them you can change them, mold them– perfect them. And there’s something remarkable about both sides of this. Communication is a remarkable thing.

  • My life is finally falling all back into place. I feel stable once again. I’ve never been one to be able to hold on to that feeling of stability, but I guess there’s always hope?

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    Dim. It’s a mood, it’s a dorm room, it’s hopefully not a lifestyle.

    Sometimes you need to be happy, sometimes you need to be sad, sometimes you need to be angry. It keeps you sane.

    Let passion fuel your emotions.

    Vibrancy is a gift to the world.

  • Solitaire.

    My grandmother at her computer at work.
    Spider for my mother.
    I personally prefer to play with real cards.
    It’s sad how few people know how to properly deal, though.

  • Hearts are sore, today. Another member of the JMU community had their life taken last night. The skies are grey, but students and faculty have painted JMU purple. We are dukes, we are JMU Nation, we are JMU Strong. Most importantly, we are JMUnited.

  • Positively skewed
    Positively correlated
    Positively thinking
    Positively oriented
    Positively raised
    Positively critiqued
    Positively incredible.

  • Photographs upon my wall
    Prints on prints on prints
    Reminding me of prior falls
    Stints on stints on stints.

  • Autumn took a vacation.

    It’s summer time by day and winter by night.

    The only evidence that it was ever here are the fallen leaves, which I am sad to say that I haven’t actually seen fall.

    It’s a shame, really. I quite like autumn…

  • What does this word even mean?

    Anyway, daylight savings time started today so I got an extra hour of sleep. That’s a plus… I woke up even before my alarm went off. But when my alarm did go off I almost had a heart attack…