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    Margaret leaned on the wall and looked at her handiwork so far. she had tiled the wall behind the sink beautifully, though she say so herself. The brilliant blue of the background shone and the white pattern linked up so well. Her flatmate looked through the door, ‘You hung them upside down!’

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    The new neighbours’ dog barked loudly outside my window as I awoke, bleary eyed and grumpy. He was barking really loudly, he must have been a big dog. I remember thinking how much more effective he was than an iphone at shaking me awake. I had slept through three alarms this week alone.

  • There was so much noise coming from the neighbour’s house. He was having a party and his friends were catcalling and whooping like mad. My dog Fitz was growling up a storm and no matter how I shouted they wpouldn’t stop. i found myself wishing my walls were soundproof.

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    She was broken. The car had hit her at such a speed that the front bone of her leg was shattered through the skin.
    THe car drove off but a kindly woman stopped and picked her. Lily mewed pathetically.
    ‘Oh you poor thing. Let’s get you to a vet.’
    THe woman smelled of biscuits