• When I want to make a statement, I have a tendency to stand up and raise my hands, almost like I’m preparing to ward off the oncoming attack in response to my words. I make a lot of statements at work. I hate it. I wish I could just sit quietly for an entire day, […]

  • I feel like I am losing control of my eating again. I am hungry all the time, even when my stomach is still full from my last meal, and its almost like I live my life just to get to the next meal, I plan out my days around when I’ll eat. I need to […]

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    This is a brand of clothing you can get at WalMart. I like all of the basic things you can get at WalMart, they’re cheap and if you tear them, stain them, or just plain lose interest you don’t feel bad about chucking it in the garbage and getting something else. I guess that isn’t […]

  • I used to wait tables in college, at a restaurant called O’Charleys. I don’t like to brag, but I think I was a pretty good waitress. I messed up orders sometimes, and forgot to bring things, but I don’t think that those things made me a good waitress. I think what made me a good […]

  • When I think of barber shops i think of those red and white poles outside the shop. They used to freak me out when I was a little kid, I didn’t like the way they spun. There is a barber shop down the street from my house, but its for ‘natural’ hair care, like for […]

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    Lassi. The first time I had a mango lassi was at an Indian restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri. I remember worrying that it was going to be kind of expensive, the whole menu looked expensive so adding on a fancy fruit drink was going to be even more expensive. When I drank it, though, I […]

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    Does anyone invent anything anymore? Have we already come up with everything there is to possibly come up with?
    Has it all been done?

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    I love to feel my fingers tangled up in my hair. Anyone’s fingers for that matter. I like how strong it feels, I like the strands wrapped around my nails and knuckles. It can be an intimate feeling, hands tangled in my hair. It is messy and perfect.