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    The gritty, grey bread wasn’t exactly her ideal breakfast, but in the face of another day of howling hunger, it was better than nothing. Nutritious? Not really. Filling? More so between her teeth than her stomach, but it would have to do.

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    Volley after volley rained down around her. Poor, defenseless, attempting valiantly to bring supplies across the battlements; a medic caught in the crossfire. A sudden cold stabbed her, and she fell screaming in mock agony. A high-pitched cheer of victory went up as her little brother and his friends celebrated. She scrambled to her feet, not…[Read more]

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    “Gentlemen?” she scoffed, “Since when? When is the last time any of them even referred to a woman as anything remotely classy, let alone even appropriate?”
    She didn’t mean for it to come out as sneering as it did, but it was true. Those three were about as gentlemanly as one could get–and that was saying a lot coming from a town like theirs.…[Read more]

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    She moved towards him, subtly hitching up her skirt. He would want her. He would want her if it took all her wiles and wits, he would want her. The big, broad-shoulder man eyed her from afar, his supple leather wallet held loosely in his hand and he watched the wispy auctioneer approach with feline grace. His steel-grey eyes traced and retraced…[Read more]

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    There is no place other than that in which I am, to which I belong. Telling myself otherwise can only be a source of pain and conflict. I am where I am because the laws of nature, physics, and God say that is […]

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    There are no bandages for the heart. The heart, when wounded, is an open, exposed wound. But that is what it must be, in order for the one with the right skill and love to hold it together and let it heal itself. […]

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    Round and round and round and round, endless cycle none to be found. Sweeping arms spin round and round, chasing wind, water, life across the ground. Working hard yet never moving, frozen in life’s pursuit.