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    Terry thought she would get educated. She was old and fat and had decided that there was no place left for her. Perhaps school would open her eyes. It did: to the fact that there really was nothing

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    Staring with a resignation almost as heavy as the The crimson slate billiard table they were to shift out of their auntie Glen’s basement, Andrew and Shane cursed their late Uncle Rog for his utter lack of forethought. Auntie Glen had hated ‘the heavy red beast’ from the moment Uncle Rog had won it in a Kiwanis raffle and insisted, against her…[Read more]

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    Mercy! Oh, that 2015 will bring mercy is what I wish for all in this house. We need a break from the sadness and the madness. No more knocks for Miranda and Grace, Erica and Douglas, except the knocking that we do ourselves, at new doors, which we hope will open and welcome us to fresh and nourishing adventures.

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    Scrutinizing herself in mirror, Sheila muttered disappointedly ‘Well Pasty, two weeks on the Adriatic and you still looked as pale as you did the day you left Toronto. Go get some sun!’ She grabbed her blue halter bathing suit from her bed; the one that claimed to boost a sagging bosom and smooth a bulging belly, but which Sheila thought did…[Read more]

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    It’s more hit than miss.
    Like a tanker striking upon an iceberg
    It’s sinking metal ripped to shreds.
    Like a maniac with a rifle
    aiming at your head.
    Like a mother taunting you with the tragedy
    of a boy who won’t leave you alone.
    Like a lover mired in bitterness
    who leaves you to lie in pain and moan.
    Like a missile crashing in a bunker…[Read more]

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    ‘It’ll amount to nothing.’ said Sarah. ‘Basically, you go in there, they take you though a mock interview that they pretend is the real thing, and then either Adam or Terry gets to decide if you’re hot enough to go get them latte’s until their bored with you. They’re a couple of asshats, if you ask me. But, good luck, if it’s what you want’

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    It’s uncertain whether the regrowth was normal. No one had seen any thing quite like it. In previous cases it was only known to dry out and eventually fall off leaving the patient with permanently mottled skin. Mathilde found the strange barnacle like growths horrifyingly unsightly, while her brother Adam found them grotesquely attractive, and…[Read more]

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    Eventually Evan came to understand that when Amelia referred to stardust she was sardonically referring to the detritus left by drunk B-listers at the Festival after events, and that’s what he’d spend the next 3 weeks mopping up.

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    Polo had no way of knowing what her rider wanted her to do. The girl on her back was rigid. Should she climb out, or remain stock still in the rush filled water? Surely neither. There was a reason they’d come here. It was hot. Best to roll.

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    At first it seemed to my father that the fully furnished beachfront cottage was a bargain. After all by purchasing our own ready outfitted family summer paradise he could save thousands of dollars by not pouring ‘hard-earned dollars’ on ‘jacked up summer cottage rentals and ridiculous camp ground fees’, not to mention the regaining of hours of…[Read more]

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    “Through the gilded glass doors on the left hand side of the hall. “instructed the embassy security guard in an overly loud voice, intended to give the impression that he was far higher up in the ranks of the armed forces that he had never been in. Mika uttered a begrudging ‘thanks’, and strode angrily down the gleaming marble hall and crashed…[Read more]

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    Sometimes when there’s nobody around I sneak into my little room of complaints and snack on sadness and regrets. To my delight I often find a healthy serving of resentment and jealousy awaiting me, and chow down. This is how I keep my weight up for fighting.

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    Quietly she spoke out
    Quietly she began to shout
    Quietly she spoke her word
    Quietly she was never heard
    Quietly she made demand
    Quietly is how she was damned

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    Bradley ventured out into the kitchen. The crashing of plates and high pitched screaming had
    abated, and he felt it was safe to come out of hiding. On the floor in front of his mother knelt silently sobbing amidst a sea of shattered Portmerion, grieving intensely over a burnt spanish flan.

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    When he initially agreed to tutoring Maximillian, Angela’s ‘very bright, but slightly unfocused son’ Adam thought it would be a fairly straight forward weekly meeting of tutor and pupil. However his thinking swiftly changed upon their first meeting. Teaching anything beyond very simple addition was going to prove significantly challenging to an…[Read more]

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    After treating his Uncle Antoine to a rohypnol infused Kir Royale, Anatole planted his uncle’s unconcious body on a block in the faux morgue that he had built and filled with actors cleverly made up as Antoine’s deceased friends. This would be a birthday party his elderly uncle would never forget, and Anatole felt that he had finally created a…[Read more]

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    Within in an hour of arriving at his cousin Ted’s weekend game fishing retreat and hearing the epic tales told by all the avid sports fishermen assembled, Adam deeply regretted that he had not mentioned that he was a fisherman in mind only. He’d never actually cast a rod into any kind of water, unless you count the fishing pond at his daughter’s…[Read more]