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    She was an easygoing girl, which made her easy to like. She was one of those people who just magically seemed to be friends with everyone. It was hard to say if she was really friends with them, though, or if they were just attracted to her like moths were to a flame. She seemed not to worry about it too much, though. Alicia didn’t worry about…[Read more]

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    Lucious had never been so hungry before. The food spread before him didn’t seem anywhere near enough to quell his appetite, but since he wasn’t likely to get more any time soon, it would simply have to do. He settled down in front of his camp fire and dug in, eating the meager meal he had managed to provide for himself. It was nothing impressive,…[Read more]

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    “Grab a bottle of soda and try to relax, would you? You’re getting really uptight, and we haven’t even started yet.”
    “That’s half the reason I’m getting uptight!” exploded Mark, who was anxious beyond belief today. It was exhausting the rest of us to no end, of course, but he wouldn’t shut up about it, leaving us with nothing to do but try to…[Read more]

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    the bottles lined the shelf, looking almost lovely in the light. They sparkled, like glass will when the light hits it just right, and if it wasn’t such a testament to shame, I might have been enchanted by the sight.

    It was just so…strange. To see them. It was honestly an eerie feeling, one that gave me chills, and brought forth so many…[Read more]

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    The footage was enough to shock me, but I didn’t want to believe what the camera had made so difficult to deny. It had to be a misunderstanding, I figured – something that had a perfectly innocent explanation. That was so much easier to believe than the idea that I had been duped all these years. It was just easier to pull the wool over my eyes…[Read more]

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    It’s sort of an ugly word, bringing these images to mind of people so stubbornly clinging to outdated beliefs that they refuse to change. I’ve never liked the word dogma. I guess I never bothered to look it up or anything, it just gave me the heebie jeebies when I heard it. It’s not a positive word at all. Also, that bumper sticker. But now I…[Read more]

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    The savagery was hard to watch, so I had to turn my head away from the screen. Lily loved horror movies, but they had never been my cup of tea. Usually, I stood my ground with her. She would poke and prod, and I would say no, because I didn’t want to have to watch people dying on screen even if they weren’t all being systematically taken out by…[Read more]

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    I always picture a line of people with their arms linked when I think of solidarity. I know it’s kind of a cliche image. I think the word solidarity is actually a bit overused sometimes. Not that I don’t believe it’s important, I just think it’s become sort of a buzzword to make people think you want to do/are going to do great things. And I agree…[Read more]

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    Looking up at the sky has always made me feel like I’m staring into infinity. I know that the sky technically has an end, but that’s not how it feels. And when it’s night time, the feeling is all the more intense. It’s hard to feel like much of anything, staring into something so big. It’s humbling. But at the same time, there’s an intense rush of…[Read more]

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    There were so many stupid brands of jelly! Marissa thought this was unnecessary. She stood in the condiment aisle of the grocery store, just staring at the rows of jars, all filled with different varieties of fruits, some with seeds, some without. There were at least three brands of raspberry jelly. How was she supposed to know which brand to…[Read more]

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    Silo. The word was easy on a spelling test, but Mary had no real idea what it was. She didn’t know the meaning of half the words. She was sure they’d been taught… But some of them just didn’t stick in her memory like they were supposed to. She thought it was a little silly that they were tested on how to spell the words, but not whether or not…[Read more]

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    The back flip was magnificent. I’d seriously never seen anything like it. It was one of those tricks hardly anyone can do, so you can’t help but stop and watch the performer. Probably a good thing in the performer’s eyes. Certainly a great thing at the Olympics, or a circus or something. It seemed oddly out of place on the first day of school.…[Read more]

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    “What do you mean, a good thing?” demanded his sister. “It’s a good thing that my boyfriend stood me up?”

    “I think that most people would agree, there’s a huge difference between being chivalrous and being courteous,” he pointed out. “I don’t stand up my friends. Even if they’re guys. Unless it’s an emergency.”

    She pouted. “Well, I still…[Read more]

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    “Chivalry is dead,” she muttered bitterly. It was supposed to be such a lovely night, and it was all ruined because he couldn’t be bothered to look at the clock and get here on time.

    “Actually, that’s a good thing,” pointed out her brother, glancing over from his place on the couch. He had spent the last two and a half hours playing video…[Read more]

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    Jacob wasn’t convinced that the math homework was a worthwhile way to spend his time. Especially when he could easily think of a million things to do that would be more productive than banging his head on the desk, trying to pretend the secrets to calculus would ever be revealed to him. He just hated it. He couldn’t remember when his relationship…[Read more]

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    “I really don’t think your observations are based in any sort of facts, Ralph.”
    “What are you talking about? They’e based in the facts of my own observation. Come on, Mr. Longra acts really weird all the time. And have you seen the food he eats? He must be an alien!”
    “This would be charming if you weren’t fifteen years old, but come on. You know…[Read more]

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    I never really thought of myself as wealthy growing up, but when you look at the poverty around the world, that almost makes me feel guilty. There are so many people who go without so many things. Honestly, the problems seem unsolvable. It’s easier to play ostrich and put your head in the sand, but what good does that do?

    If wealth is power,…[Read more]

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    The spring had long come and gone, and none of Marissa’s tulips had bloomed. She had tried to be brave about it. It had been a harsh winter for many plants, and it was hubris to hope hers would be some magical exceptions. The tulips that had managed to make it into the final stages of their lives were few and far between that year. Still, it was…[Read more]

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    “Amelia, put the stapler down.”
    The two year old turned to her mother with an innocent expression. “Why mommy? I was playing?”
    Playing was not the word Yolanda would have used to describe it. Aside from the staples littering the floor around her daughter, it was pretty apparent that the crafty toddler was putting a few holes in the wall as well.

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    “Pfft. I don’t see what the fuss is about. S’just trees.”
    Andrea stared at Jack, a bit aghast at what he had just said. “Just trees? These trees are centuries old! They’ve been here longer than you have. Longer than your great-grandparents have!”
    “Yeah, and? So’ve rocks, right? I don’t get all gooey-eyed over rocks.”
    “Rocks aren’t alive,” she…[Read more]