• Everything is Possible if you have,
    God makes you so much stronger when your realize you cant do it on your own but its alot of,
    Hard work
    You will also face many trials
    It can be very hard at times but,
    If you keep your faith strong anything is possible
    All your heart will feel is happiness.

  • The hunter loaded bullets into the clip
    He looked for the trail of red crystal blood to help him track his prey

  • The discovery was scientific
    Scientifically it was amazing
    It was very scientific
    YAY :)

  • My friend accused me of stealing their pencil.

  • Ballislife22 commented on the post, angels 2 years, 12 months ago

    The angels floated in the clouds like a water lilly on a lake.
    The angles look like majestic dancers as they watch over the world and float delicately.

  • Ballislife22 commented on the post, boom 3 years ago

    boom goes the dynamite as I throw it at Landons fat head.
    I like big booms,
    When I heard the boom I saw an Indian.

  • Ballislife22 commented on the post, boom 3 years ago

    Boom goes the gun as i shoot landon in the butt.
    Boom is a loud noise
    I have a boom box
    Loud noises are nice
    Boom Sucka
    Yea son

  • Ballislife22 commented on the post, pan 3 years ago

    I like to cook eggs in a pan
    I hit landon in the head with a pan.
    A pan is shiny
    Camerons hair shines like a silver pan.
    Peters last name is Pan
    Bacon smells good in a pan
    I like pnas