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    Ryan shook his head. Whatever methods Nataly was using to get what she needed, he wasn’t entirely sure that they were going to work out. He knew that she had a huge strain to take care of, a burden that he knew […]

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    Christopher was under the impression that visiting his family members once in a while was an absolute necessity. When he visited, it appeared that his siblings would come to visit as well, and any time when his […]

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    He didn’t want to be a hassle to the old woman, he decided. She was helping him, and as soon as she had the phone he was bound to go ahead, make his phone calls and leave. It was common courtesy, he reminded […]

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    Damien was beginning to feel a bit ill at the sight of Ivan entering the kitchen and beginning to search the cabinets as well, as one would if they didn’t notice that they weren’t alone. Damien took a long moment before loudly clearing his throat and making Ivan notice that he was there.

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    Ivan stared at Cassandra. “The games that I like to play tend to get a bit violent. I highly doubt that you would be even slightly capable of keeping up with me.” He muttered lowly. “Understand?” Cassandra scoffed in response to Ivan. “I like my play to be a bit on the violent side as […]