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    The starry glow to his eyes captivated me. That look. I’ve seen that look before. Remembering where now that’s the hard part. He won’t stop staring at me. I’ve looked away a thousand times but he still is glowing.
    Disney. Disney is where I’ve seen that look. What?
    Disney…. and every chick flick ever. When do they look like that?
    Is that…[Read more]

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    The lining in the shirt was starting to fray, to fall away from the rest as though trying to cause a greater strife in my life. I had no other shirts and a job would be hard to find wearing a shirt so old and useless that even the original owner no longer wanted it. One day I would find more, but for now, maybe some old string can be used to resew…[Read more]

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    I left the floor with little doubt that the job was mine. I kept thinking that the interview had gone amazingly, but their was that small voice in the back of my head screaming that something was wrong. Maybe, if I thought the job was mine, it was the possibility that I should not take the job for fear of losing my moral character.

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    I am interested to find out what I will write about tonight. I do not normally write anymore, but I miss it greatly… since i have not in so long I wonder what story will erupt. Will it be one I trash in just a few minutes or one I fast forward through and see the outcome of the story even as I write the beginning? Those are my favorite, when I…[Read more]

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    Go for the gold. Its a saying in my family. One that can become truth for my swimmer siblings. For me, I’m not sure what it means. I pretend I want great success. But I think I would be happy with a high school job and a happy family. In my family that isn’t enough though. They have worked too hard for me to be mediocre… what a hard life to try…[Read more]

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    I feel as though I am constantly repressing my feelings. Forcing them down so I don’t have to deal with them, or even express them in the ways I want too. I even repress happinest… but he makes me feel it even when I don’t want too. Even when I have pushed it down so far that I question whether I am truly happy or if I am just putting on a show…[Read more]

  • I never knew how to move forward. Everyone told me that progression, acceptance and action, were the only way to continue living. But I had to ask myself, what was the point. It never made sense. If I worked towards the future, wouldn’t it fall apart just as this did. I don’t understand why I would continue to try when it won’t do any good.

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    Society has many faults. It uplifts those who are cynical but will allow those who are positive to fall, to crumble in the midst of society. The cynical find the great jobs and are praised when work is done well while it is expected of those who are positive and constantly working at such a level.

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    My husband walked next to me as I cried. It seemed he did not know what to do. He had never understood the destruction of death. His opinion was obvious, it was something that happened then life went on. But my father was gone. And I needed him to hold me. I threw myself into his arms as I broke down once again, such a rare feat for me, but I’m so…[Read more]

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    The skill is primitive, as though I was born with the talent. Practice is needed, but the initial feel, the words, the talent flows naturally. Yes, writing is primitive. It is a matter of instict, to get my ideas […]

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    I sat in shock, not knowing what sensation was overcoming my tastebuds. As the spices developed, my back went rigid. The heat swam down my throat, sending fire to my stomach. Tasting it was like nothing I had ever […]

  • Bridgette commented on the post, tasting 7 years, 4 months ago

    I sat there, in shock. I didn’t know what this was, this exoctic feeling that was coming over my senses. My back went rigid as the spices kicked in and sent a heat down my throat. I was amaze by the sensation of […]

  • Bridgette commented on the post, loss 7 years, 6 months ago

    I’ve loved and I’ve lossed. A cliche I know, but a feeling true. To say that it is nothing more is to lie, because an emotion can consume the daily life. I fight, and I fight, but the feeling prevails. The feeling […]

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    The festival was bright and joyous, but I coulnd’t help the darkness I felt inside. I could not fight the insidious feeling that was creeping out of my very eyes. I didn’t plan to ruin the night, I never saw what […]

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    “I will obey” has never crossed my mind. Now I’m not a terrible child, not by any means. But obeying has never been my thing. Minding maybe. But never obeying.

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    She hit the marble tiles as he hit her once again. She winced as the blood began to drip down her face in small, red tears. “This is how you treat a woman” Said the father to the son. The son, so young, but so old, cocked back his arm and punched the father, just […]

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    What do i ask for? What should I say? Should I question the situations you’ve put me in? Oh wait… but no of course not. Should I thank you for the win? Should I ask about my family, about my friends? Lord, I’m asking for your advice…. what should I say?

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    I should have taken his advice. I should have stayed away when he told me too. I should have never sat with him. I should have never talked to him. Every conversation was a mistake. But maybe a happy one. We failed. We failed miserably. We dropped like rocks when we should have floated to […]

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    There he goes. Half way out the door again. Half way gone. Half way here. Half way always. He never leaves, never lets me just fall, he stays. But sometimes that is worse than if he would just leave me to deal with my own pieces. Now I’m wondering, constantly wondering, whether he will leave […]

  • I drop everything as I start my dead sprint. My bag hits the ground as my sneakers fight the gravel for grip. I jump onto the rubber, hoping that i won’t fall in the process. It is a race after all. As I look back to see my opponent struggling to get up with scraped […]