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    Like clockwork, the arrival of autumn prompts a spirit of quiet reflection. I watch the leaves cascade gently to the ground and occasionally I wonder how you are. The flames of love have long since fallen into eternal sleep and the wind blows a small cloud of ashes by my face. The moment passes, and the faces fade back into blissful indifference.

  • I’m missing you, baby. Up all night going crazy. Esto no me gusta.

  • There must be a reason why, whenever we compete, the rest of the world vanishes into the intensity of each other’s gaze. Why our hearts race and we are filled with an almost maniacal ecstasy. The heat of opposition bears an uncanny resemblance to the fire of long-forgotten desire. What a fitting tribute as we celebrate your coming union, and a…[Read more]

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    A beautiful mosaic, tiny little pieces of someone’s heart which they have chosen to share with you. Or just some pretty swell tunes.

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    Grinning from ear to ear, his small hands slowly reeled in his catch. As he pulled the little sunfish out of the water he presented it to me proudly and I took it from him, full of praises. From the end of the dock I could see his father watching us, smiling.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, souvenir 5 years, 3 months ago

    I just ate an entire box of cookies in less than 24 hours. My only souvenir is an empty box and a bewildered stomach.

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    This word has been used before. I know, because I distinctly remember what you wrote in relation to it. An ode to someone who was not me. And thinking of that causes the beast inside me to stir. It reminds me of what I used to be, what I still could be, if I were to put aside my lamp. You remember her, because you can still feel her claws tearing…[Read more]

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    I was thrown off the horse before I even knew I was supposed to ride. Curled up on the floor holding my shattered bones, I trembled and shivered as the sweat dried on my skin and left me frozen. As time went on, I knew I had only three choices: hurt myself, hurt others, or face my terror and get back on that damn horse.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, artwork 5 years, 8 months ago

    My body is a mere canvas on which misery can display its artwork.

  • I can’t help it if that’s how my brain works. Your words were x, your actions were y. X did not equal Y. So can you really hold it against me if I decided it was an irrational equation?

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, stubborn 5 years, 10 months ago

    My heart tends to be incredibly stubborn. It doesn’t change its mind easily and it doesn’t like to be told what to do. However, when it does finally concede to a shift, my subconscious is quick to let me know.

  • Gal’, avec évidence tu m’dis que t’aimes quand j’te donne le maximum quand
    ensemble on danse à l’horizontale.
    Oh Gal’, avec élégance on s’donne du kif comme personne jusqu’au summum j’ai
    succombé à ta beauté fatale. On part au corps à corps et nos deux coeurs s’emballent, j’te ferais du bien tout en te faisant du mal.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, offset 5 years, 11 months ago

    I tried to offset my inner darkness by enveloping myself in your light. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that my midnight ink wasn’t something you wanted to make your constant companion. It’s a shame really, I almost believed I was worth loving there for a minute.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, starlit 5 years, 11 months ago

    Starry, starry night, gave you quite a fright.
    Creatures of the night, ready for a fight.
    And I don’t see your knight, guess she saw your plight,
    Fear took its bite, and she gave up on her right.

    Ouch, that must hurt.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, dissect 5 years, 11 months ago

    Don’t be offended if I ask to dissect you, I just have to know how so much light can reside in one place. So you wanna play with magic? Boy, you should know what you’re falling for. Baby do you dare to do this? ‘Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse. Are you ready for a perfect storm? ‘Cause once you’re mine, there’s no going back.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, harm 6 years ago

    Thus I seek refuge in the embrace of music. With a mind occupied on finger placement and smooth arm movements, among the eighth notes and time signatures, I know I can be done no harm.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, damage 6 years ago

    Be careful making wishes in the dark, can’t be sure when they’ve hit their mark.
    You can’t have my heart and you won’t use my mind, but do what you want with my body.
    Just don’t get too close, it’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide.

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, quest 6 years, 1 month ago

    I am on a mighty quest, a journey of dragons, princesses, and horses. Lots of horses. I have a mission to stop the hate. My machine gun rests comfortably in one arm – recently emptied of the usual ammo of poison and angry thoughts – and feeling much lighter with its new bullets of kindness and gentle words. It takes a little getting used to,…[Read more]

  • aura.rayne commented on the post, pursuit 6 years, 1 month ago

    Time that is spent on a worthless pursuit cannot be reclaimed. The desperate pleading for affection which inevitably leads to treatment worse than a dog’s – who at least receives treats and pets for good behaviour – is a merciless and lethal cycle. How caught up was I in my own pain that I could not see the way she hurts you. You are tough as…[Read more]

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    When we met, you seemed as gentle and harmless as a trickling stream. Little did I know that, as the rain continued to pour, your torrent would swell my heart and I would become engulfed in the passionate fury of your typhoon. Behind those gentle amber pools I can see reflected the same hot-blooded madness that inhabits my own mirror.
    But then I…[Read more]