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    The pine trees towered above the pristine lake. Zachary had never seen a such a perfect, storybook place in his life. The trees were the perfectly green, the water was perfectly clear and serene, the fish perfectly visibly and perfectly happy.

    It only made sense, he thought, that the gore before him would be perfect, too.

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    It was all Callan could do to keep from whimpering at the sound of skulls crushing under the treads of the diabolical thing. He had never caught more than a glimpse of it, of shining metal and dried blood, but he had heard plenty of the sounds it made as it rolled over everything he had known and loved.

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    “I can’t stay.”
    “I’m not really here.”
    “I can’t lose you again.”
    “I’m not really anywhere.”
    He tries to hold her, arms sliding through empty air.
    “Say what you need to say to me. You don’t have much longer.” She begins to fade, just the tiniest bit.
    “I’m sorry. I love you. Goodbye.”
    A gust of wind, and nothing…[Read more]

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    “You just don’t get it man, do you? It’s the end, man, game
    over! Fire raining down, oceans running with blood, first-born
    dying, plagues of locusts, flesh melting, brimstone, cackling
    rape-demons, the whole nine yards! We’re done, dude! Done! Oh

  • The terminal was silent as it began to send the message. Harry stood for a moment, watching it, before leaving it to its work. Hopefully someone would receive it and come to their aid. But for now, there were dead to bury.

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    The simple tools are often the most versatile. A knife, for instance. Not much too it; just a sharp edge and a handle. But you can cut rope, whittle a stick, pick your nails, kill a man. The possibilities are endless.

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    It had taken a couple of tries, but Alexander could finally go as deep as he wanted to. The first few times, it had terrified him out to no end, all that water and pressure hanging above him, and darkness below. But now he actually kind of liked it.

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    The wise monk on the mountain seldom came down to give advice, but when he did, the people listened. One day he came down and he said to me:

    “Listen, my son. Never eat dragon eggs on Sunday. The Green Gopher will scratch up your socks.”

    And that was the last day anyone called him wise.

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    Final chance. Final shot. One perfect arc into the reactor’s vent and the diabolical thing would overheat. He tensed, and launched his improvised missile. It bounced off, two feet to the left.

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    She blushed. He blushed. They sat and said nothing for an hour and a half. But neither considered the time misspent.

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    Spirals upon spirals upon more spirals still. Carlos couldn’t step away from the telescope. The thing just sat there, at the edge of the galaxy, so obviously manufactured, so obviously alien. Unknowable. Inscrutable. Imposing. Taunting with tantalizing knowledge all who could see it.

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    The train car was empty, which was good. Reggie doubted he looked very inconspicuous traveling alone, huddled in the back corner seat of the car, sweaty and twitchy and jumping at every stray sound.

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    “Did you bring the goods?” he asked.
    “Yeah. Did you bring the cheese?” she replied, looking over her shoulder.
    He opened his briefcase to reveal ten pounds of Gouda.
    “Yes,” she said, running her hand over it. “That’s the stuff.”

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    He could hear them scratching at the door. Just the scratching. No sounds that would suggest they were ever or were still human.

    The cabin had seemed like a good idea, when he had been running. Not so much now that he couldn’t get out.

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    It was a blue, painful thing, sitting between her shoulder blades. Three days and it showed no signs of shrinkage. He had probably meant it that way. A long lasting reminder of the consequences of disobedience.

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    She hasn’t left her room in weeks. I would think she was dead if I didn’t hear her moving around at night. I could probably force her out if I stopped bringing food up, but… I haven’t.

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    It comes down in a cone. Invisible, but in a cone nonetheless. It wipes away everything, burning forests, boiling lakes, melting flesh, cracking stone. I read that in a text book somewhere, I think.

    I suppose the shape doesn’t matter, really.

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    The bottles formed uniform little lines against Patrick’s wall. He’d been collecting for years, for reasons clear to no one, least of all Patrick.

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    He stepped forward, the soil shifting under his feet.

    “The trees won’t stand for it,” he said. “They’ll be your enemy from here on out.”

    “This should be fun,” she said, clicking her lighter.

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    The soil under my feet, loamy and dark. The sky above, wispy and blue. I can see the mountains in the distance, their magnificent glory jutting up from the dirt below.