• Adam commented on the post, despite 7 years ago

    Despite the politics, despite the vilification, despite the reputation, despite the tremendous attraction to other occupations, he followed his calling.

  • Adam commented on the post, together 7 years ago

    I tried to budge, torquing my arms and straining to breathe. I came to the undeniable conclusion — after twenty minutes of struggling — that we were bound together.

  • Adam commented on the post, alive 7 years ago

    I examined the remains of the skeleton. Its hard, stone-like texture contrasted with its aura of aliveness. What a statement on the nature of life was this pile of bones.

  • Adam commented on the post, dysfunctional 7 years ago

    Dysfunctional is this goddamn apartment. With one roommate flashing everyone, the other…well…flashing everyone, and myself, I’m surprised the landlord hasn’t kicked us out yet. But it’s all good, it’s like a […]

  • Adam commented on the post, towers 7 years ago

    Towering over the courtyard, the two bell towers established their dominance not through their casting of an intimidating shadow, but rather by their lack of it.

  • Adam commented on the post, binding 7 years ago

    As I sat, I glared at the old, brick-clad apartment building. Despite my skepticism, I could not help but sense a binding presence of ages past. The ephemeral aura made me shudder — this time, perhaps it wasn’t […]

  • Adam commented on the post, spa 7 years ago

    Disembodied hands waltzed across my back. In the process, they seemed to tear out the stress of the last week, leaving a renewed spirit and an empty slate for the days to come.

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    Slowly, it twisted its way through the garden, towards the woman who would wrought the downfall of this Paradise. Flexing its scaly muscles, it wound its way up the tree.

  • Adam commented on the post, stillness 7 years ago

    The glass cover of the pond perfectly reflected the mountains opposite Richard. As a line of ducks waltzed over its surface, he was reminded of the time his father brought him here.

  • Adam commented on the post, whether 7 years ago

    Whether the weather withers or not, I will weather the withering weather.

  • Adam commented on the post, sustain 7 years ago

    With a heavy sign, the sunflower bowed its withered head. To my surprise, it had lasted a few days in the Los Angeles air.

  • Adam commented on the post, miracle 7 years ago

    The molecular biologist let the printout slide into his hand. He carefully examined the rows of lines — each varying with thickness, containing the secret to life itself!

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    A drop of sweat trickled down my face. I stared the problem directly in the face. My grip on my pen tightened to a blistering strain. My mouth dropped in terror.

    This material wasn’t covered in lecture!

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    I swept my hand over its sleek screen, around its curves and down its slender back. What a marvel it was, what a triumph of technology — a computer no bigger than my Moleskine notebook!

  • Adam commented on the post, dehydrated 7 years ago

    I fell to my knees, the desert sun beating furiously on my back. A veritable waterfall poured down my face, nourishing the sand below me in a small gesture of irony. I glared at the road ahead of me. As I did, a […]

  • Adam commented on the post, darlings 7 years ago

    Darlings. Two of them. Both of them bitches, bitches, bitches at time. But also quite pleasantly domesticated at others. Is my sarcasm coming through?

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    ‘Salvation. It’s something everyone wants. Thing is, most people don’t realize they’re the only one who can save themselves. They look to their friends, family, Jesus, maybe even the government. But ain’t no body […]

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    There’s a pile of magazines sitting in the nooks and crannies of my office. Science magazines. Magazines detailing the intricate wonders of our universe and the beautiful breakthroughs on Earth. Unread, a pile of […]

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    I could scarcely breathe. I clung to the entrance of the air vacuum, yet I could feel by blood beginning to boil. This was it. This was the end. Too much carbon.

  • Adam commented on the post, chain 7 years ago

    A chain of nucleotides littered the scene. The detective questioned the eyewitness: “Did you see who the DNA helicase was?” No response. By the time the detective had turned around, the eyewitness had been […]