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    Time is always measured on a scale, however people don’t seem to take into consideration how more than one person can measure time for themselves. Some people are much more selfish than others when it comes to time, especially time for themselves or for those they care about. Or for their own personal needs. It’s a delicate thing, keeping balance…[Read more]

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    From when she was a young cub, the only daughter of the Grizzled Mane clan was very boisterous and haughty. Her mother attempted to raise her to be civil and ‘ladylike’, but her attempts went unheard and astray. For so many years, the girl’s mothering made her feel restrained and tied down. Until at last, when she was older, she ventured out into…[Read more]

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    The only family left in the street was the Johnsons, and they were recently blessed with a child of their own. This child was even more special than you’d think, as the Johnson family spent many long months trying for a child of their own. Finally, after all this time, they had their little Emily, and she was as good a baby as any. She didn’t cry,…[Read more]

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    His eyes could only peer through the darkness, searching for the feminine form in the shadows. He couldn’t find his glasses, so it was difficult to see. He attempted to squint, trying to get a better view of his surroundings, and to perhaps get a glance of the figure. Then he saw her.