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    There’s a book called ALL FALL DOWN by Ally Carter that’s about embassies in an imaginary country. It’s quite interesting and I think it’s one of her best books to date. The series is called Embassy Row. Check it out. It releases January 27th 2015.

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    The flames roared around her. She panicked. Of course she would panic, there was fire surrounding her, enclosing around her. She took as deep a breath as she could without taking in the smoke. She closed her eyes and pushed her energy outwardsoutwardsoutwards. The blast of energy put out the flames. Thank goodness

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    The lamb looked up at her curiously. The small animal looked so fragile and innocent. After all, it was only a baby. Sheep even as they grew older retained their innocence. She couldn’t look at the lamb. It reminded her too much of what she had lost in order to gain what she had now. The childish innocence of the lamb was just too much for her.

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    She looked around, startled. What was that noise that she had just heard? She took in a deep breath, steadying her heart rate.
    After all, she was walking through a forest in the middle of the night. It was perfect horror movie fodder. She just hoped that she wasn’t going to be killed or something.

    She started moving faster as the rustling…[Read more]

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    The tall female bent down, smiling at the small child.
    “And who are you, young man?” she asked, the small boy looking at her with wonder and a small blush lit up his face.
    “I – I’m Ryan.”
    “Well, it’s nice to meet you Ryan, I’m Alruna.”
    “You’re pretty.”
    She laughed, and ruffled the boy’s hair.

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    The officers looked at the young girl with surprise. How could a girl as small and fragile looking as her do so much damage? They had picked her up for supposedly beating up the 5 built guys that now lay, knocked out on the floor. She must have been a black belt in karate or something.
    “It was in self defense, officers. They attacked me first.”

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    She sat in front of the fireplace, smiling softly at the fire. She was snuggled in a blanket with her boyfriend, sitting behind her. “Merry Christmas, love.” she murmured as she handed him a well wrapped box. “Thanks, sweetheart. I love you. Merry Christmas.” he kissed her full on the lips and smiled at her. […]

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    He hugged his dinosaur plushie close to his chest. The small boy in his pajamas ran up to his mother. “Mommy, What’s my dino’s name?” She smiled lovingly at him. “You know his name, love.” she patted the small dinosaur. “His name is Tex the Rex, right?” The boy leapt into his mother’s arms. “That’s […]

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    The fluorescent lights flickered in the warehouse. Her hair flung about as she whipped her hair from side to side, looking for the enemy. She snarled as she swooped down below to rid the enemy. The enemy was a hideous monster, known to behead innocent people and suck out their organs. She was an exterminator. […]

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    The chorus came and she sang out, loudly. Her angelic voice rung throughout the hall. Her voice lingered in the air, as the last note faded. The crowd stood on their feet and applauded her voice. This was all she had ever dreamed of. She turned, smiled and bowed. She loved this. This was her […]

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    The deadbolt lock slid into place. She panted as she slid down the door and landed on the ground. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and prayed that they wouldn’t make it through. She scrambled to her feet and grabbed the sonic gun. She shot a square hole in the wall and climbed through. She […]

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    The puzzled look appeared on her face again. “What do you mean I can’t come with you? I have to. This is my right as a family member.” The man looked at her. “You will not come with us and that is final.” he roared. “I will come whether you like it or not. I […]

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    The iron shackles were tight around my wrists. They bound me to the chair and to the ground. I screamed. Screamed to be free, to be left alone, to be away from here. I wanted to be free. It was all I ever wanted. But did I have an option? No. I never had an […]

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    The gadget in her hand beeped as she fought against the man. Her roundhouse kick to his head knocked him onto his feet. Distracted, she picked up the gadget and pressed a button to stop the beeping. She smiled as face popped up on the screen. “Garett.” she grinned. He smiled back at her radiantly […]

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    “Love, you can’t work like this forever. You’re harming your health. It’s as if you turned into a robot.” the woman looked at her husband with concern. He was typing away on his laptop, hassled with an upcoming deadline. “I must finish this, Roxanne. It doesn’t matter if I live or die, as long as […]

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    The acoustic guitar sat in her lap and was strummed. She was playing a peaceful melody that calmed all who heard it. She looked up from the guitar only to see that everyone’s eyes were on her. “What skill you have, young lady.” a man told her as she sat on the sidewalk, cradling her […]