• her eyes, her gaze was fixated on someone, or something….

    she was a sight to behold, the long wavy hair flowing in the breeze…

    what is she looking at? her empty gaze puzzled me , that stare, so vacant…

    This question stayed with me for the rest of the day.

  • Up and up we go, each one of us step by step, inch by inch, reaching the next stage in Life.

    what happens when we reach the final step?

    Will there be a lesson to be learned? Perhaps a new experience to give the mundane day to day that spike in blood pressure to feel that youthful excitement again?

    should I have ran up the steps? If I did…[Read more]

  • i feel like my head will explode, along with my heart, as I sit here, anticipating the havoc that I have once again called upon.

    A day that brings much strain and forces me to age faster than others, qualifies as a day that is…..

  • is the current lifespan that I share with billions of people all around the world.

    I am grateful that you are here reading at this moment, because in a way,

    We are all in this together…..

    one love

  • I am constantly wondering what song would become the soundtrack for my current life. What verses and what chords will empower my mood and ambitions for the present moments.

  • askJeffrey.lee commented on the post, dizzy 2 years, 5 months ago

    Dizzy is a sissy, her life be too easy, her nachos are cheezy, her hair is fizzy, you must be a bit crazy.

  • askJeffrey.lee commented on the post, dizzy 2 years, 5 months ago

    I feel dizzy at the fact that my life is a constant whirlwind of love, boredom, success, failure, confusion, and the uncertainties of life.

  • fun, laughter, joys of life, it is a feeling of basic human emotions that I value highly.

    a characteristic of a person that will determine his or her life as an enjoyable one or one of boredom.