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    She followed the trend. Then fell down a rabbit hole of naked people. They didn’t know what she was trying to hide. Maybe her opinion.

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    He caught her staring at him, so he said smugly, “Go ahead, eat your heart.” Not knowing she was the daughter of a baker, the girl took her frosted heart from out of her chest and ate it. With crumbs around her mouth, she swallowed and replied, “I guess my dad made it out of […]

  • He wouldn’t give me the key. I just wanted to go for a swim. So I reached my arm down into his throat, to grab hold of the magic word to open the gate, causing his chest to expand and rip open as I pulled out the magic word. He stood there exposed. Taking a […]

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    The lamp sat there sneering at the rope, on and off. So the rope dropped down to the ground. It didn’t want to hang around anymore. Wash.

  • My tooth kept try ing to push itself from out of my gums. But no matter how hard it jiggled, and no matter how hard it tried, it wouldn’t budge, causing pain to the nerves around it, making them upset. Not one to lay there quietly, my tongue remarked, “Quit being so hard-headed.”

  • The caterpillar crawled up my spine, and turned itself into a cocoon. A few days later, I couldn’t stop hiccuping. Only to find the butterfly had bloomed, and it flew into my mouth, causing my words to flutter into the air for you to breathe in.

  • It took a century for them to realize that a only a second had passed. So they pawned their watches for ice cream cones, and let it melt all over their hands. They licked up the minutes.

  • She got on a train, and he rode in on a bird. And she asked, “Why are you riding that bird when we have this train?” He said, “I don’t like moving standing still.”

  • She wrapped the head in saran wrap, as tightly as she could. And as she was adding on one last layer, it gasped and shrieked, “Hey! Watch it with those fingers!” So she wrapped it tighter.

  • The collar around my neck choked my words inside my throat, causing my mouth to swell, and my head to inflate. I couldn’t fit out the door the next day.