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    You can write a lot of deep and meaningful stuff when it comes to the past. You can say something along the lines of how your past does not determine your present or your future. You could say something like ‘ every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future’. The concept of ‘ the past’ seems to mean so much more to people than one would…[Read more]

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    i used to study in the library all the time. but i guess it wasn’t the optimal studying facility because i rarely go there any more. i like stuying in a coffee shop, but man i have no self control when it comes to offee. I’ve spent $1200 this year at just one shop. JUST ONE. so yeah.

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    account. i honestly have no idea where to go with this. as far as bank accounts go, i’m ridiculously financially irresponsible. I’m pretty impressed with the fact that I regularly remember how to put gas in my gar. but even then, I had to RUN OUT OF GAS to learn that lesson………On the account of […]

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    I hate waiting on them. You. do not. need another slice of cheesecake. The one at home gets pretty messy, but that’s what happens…Sur la table. Is another thing that randomly comes to mind. My collarbone itches.

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    I’m pretty sure that whatever I write will be influenced by what my friend had written earlier about it. I didn’t mean to read it before I wrote my one word shpeel today, I just looked at his blog. So now I’m halfway done and all I’ve done is give an excuse as to why […]

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    I haven’t sat on one in a while. You don’t really see a whole lot of benches in parks anymore, or maybe you do. I just haven’t been to a park lately. I really need to get outside and live instead of sitting here shackled to my keyboard. There’s a world outside my bedroom window […]

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    Are pretty delicious. Not going to lie. But they have a really tough skin. Sweet and soft on the inside, tough on the outside. I’m beginning to find that a lot of people I know are like that. A lot of people I once saw as mean actually just have a touch exterior. I wonder […]

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    I guess that’s why I blog. I need an outlet. For what? I’m not entirely too sure. I mean, it’s not as though I’m some troubled teen. As far as I’m concerned, I leave a pretty cozy life in the suburbs with frequent trips into downtown coffee shops. An outlet for what? My non-existent teenage […]