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    There were spikes adorning her blue velvet shoes. They stared into the soul of the gravel beneath her feet and asked questions as if they were king of the concrete.

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    She was carefully jealous while debating the idea of human symmetry. What was the purpose of conformity? Should every citizen dress both arms in black jacket sleeves, string a thread of gold around their neck, and smile when the mouth yearns to fall slack against polished teeth? No. Symmetry could not solve nor be the answer to her pondering.

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    There was a domestic beer left on the polished wooden table. It stood alone, with a peeled label and lip marks pressed to it stout. I envied lips left their mark and someone used their finger nail to undress the bottle. How lonely it is to be lonely.

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    I was charmed into thinking you were perfect with eyes darker than coffee and cologne sweeter than flowers in the summer. how am i supposed to love anyone else than the person who kisses my scars and creates new ones. how can i mend a wound that was inflicted years ago and demands two peoples touch. how can i look down into my mug and not see all…[Read more]

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    She doubted that the sky would be blue everyday. How could something be so consistent. The wind changes patterns, flowers grow on different days every year so how could the sky be blue every moring. Yes, the clouds are gray but why couldnt she have the same consistency of her never ending doubt.

  • AshleyKay commented on the post, murder 6 years, 10 months ago

    there is murder in my heart
    for it bleeds inside to out
    you have creeped up my viens
    penetrating every trap i liad
    only to create a mess of thee
    in the murderuous state you have left
    inside of me

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    its not that simple to put everything into words
    some times you just want to waste away in a coffee shop never be
    i have all these feelings once i accepted that i lost my inspiration
    i feel as if i lost everything.

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    the object on which we strive for
    is really no object at all
    linens, jewels are wanted to feel beautiful
    love and kisses are desired
    to feel accepted
    drugs, smoke are done
    to feel alive
    and we all just want to feel
    desperately, we’ll go to any measure to find
    that pleasure that will
    satisfy the void

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    im so unhappy right now. back then i dont know things changed. back then it was simple. a C wasnt life or death. now i feel like dying. nothing is good enough and i hate it.

  • AshleyKay commented on the post, soon 7 years ago

    soon you’ll be dead
    washed up and used
    just like every one before you
    i see the emptiness you’re trying to fill
    girl you know the poisonous kiss wont do
    it only deepens each wound
    protruding the pain with new venom
    you’re only going to lose

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    “its late..” she spoke, the words trailed off her tongue. She did not want to go even if the night fell into mornings breeze. He was all she wanted to sleep with, tucked in her arms on the couch that was much too small. She knew it was not going to last forever so any bit of him she could soak up was all that she needed.

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    i received your love like a tidal wave. Powerful, strong, and washed over me like no one else could.

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    Can one part of my heart ever be satisfied? Sure one can keep me company for a night and hug me in the morning but once he is gone i am empty again. she can make me laugh and be a companion, but when the night rolls in i am left alone and the boy that once was once was mine is gone away. I am unsatisfied.

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    to mention his name made the stars gleam. they remember him rejoicing their awe in their name. That he gave them the credit and told me to look at the moon because he could see it too. over state lines and a country breeze the sky was our connection and it was “almost as beautiful as me”

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    earth is nothing without art.
    or is art nothing without the earth
    flourishing inspiration flows from the land
    giving beauty to all whom stop and listen

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    He drew her a flower that remind of her in the way she walked, the color of her lips and the way she smiled at the trees. He was falling in love with the gap in her teeth and the serenity of her personality. this drawing could never measure up to her fragrant beauty.

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    i am majoring in geology. The study of rocks, the world and the enviornment. I think i learned this from my teachers, love for outdoors and influence of my mother. or maybe it was already deep rooted in my being. i belong to the earth not the other way around.

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    There are solutions upon solutions in this world and each fits its problem. A solution for one person will may not be right for someone else. its funny though because we crave advice when usually it wont work.

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    go forth. go on that path your supposed to be on, dont wait for me to catch up because maybe i never will. maybe im never supposed to see you again and maybe i was only here to get you right where you are now.

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    teeth, the crooked the perfect and the discolored. She looked in the mirror at her own. They weren’t perfect, they have 3 crooked flaws but they also were not faux white and she was okay with that. It wasn’t […]