• i used to be a planter. not of plants, but of dreams. pots full of dragons and pirates, watering cans full of rain and fog. i used to be a dream planter. mason jars full of stars, petri dishes filled with fish and whales. i used to be a planter of dreams. where whales fly like birds, children swim with mermaids and sharks. i loved my job. until…[Read more]

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    your truck is my oasis. the place i feel the most safe. i look into your eyes and see the leaves surrounding us reflected into my iris. a metallic oasis engulfs us. hearing the metal flex and relax, like a metal beast we are inside of. your truck is my oasis. metallic, industrial, soothing and safe. you are my oasis.

  • i dance to the delicate song of floorboards creaking underneath my feet. hypnotic creaks and groans lead my body in a dance that is as bold as fire. join me on this floorboard slow dance. lets supernova out of existence

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    mind shattered,
    heart going pitter patter.
    body broken.
    whyd you have to say the things you did?

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    why would you put butterfly’s in my stomach if you know i get motion sick. i miss you, but these butterfly’s are pulling me away from you.

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    her muscles kept twitching in her sleep, like a shadow was punching her. first her bicep, then her chest, then her back. she whines in her dreams, calls out for help, but i can not help.

  • painting pictures of shadows on your walls. they laugh and move in the dark moments. moving closer and closer, cornering their pray on the bed. your foot that you had dangling off the bed has been mangled with scratches. you hear them murmuring like mosquito’s .”Behind you”, one of them says, and your eyes peel open. only to see black eyes staring…[Read more]

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    different rooms inside different hallways. different stories in different dormitories.

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    Broken glass and old cigarettes littered its gravel drive. I could see a dark figure in the corner of my eye. It dropped the key for room 13. The door was littered with blood stains and yet, i couldn’t stop myself from walking in. There he was again, mystic and shadowy. Staring at me, through me. I blinked and he was gone. I felt his eyes on me, I…[Read more]

  • how is it possible that you are specifically unspecific? you told her, you wouldn’t hurt her anymore, but you did not do what you said. you’re the complete opposite of what you said you are. how do you aim all of your ammo at her and expect her to still raise your own kids? you fight her because you make up what you want. you hurt her because you…[Read more]

  • Every year there is a new version of autumn. the new leaves changing new colors of orangy-red and yellowy-green. the version in which I am in right now is the most beautiful. the orange sun and the clouds. the sharp cold air blowing in my face

  • cold, windy, rainy cloudy weather. this is what i’m use to. this is what i love. the cold wind throwing raindrops at my face like a pitcher throwing a fastball. the icy rain exploding on impact against my skin, the wind blowing through my hair letting the rain penetrate the millions of strands. the cold atmosphere surrounding my epidermis, makes…[Read more]

  • waking up to the same old routine. wake up to parents fighting, shower for 5 mins, use the shampoo that makes your scalp burn, dry your hair on a level of heat that burns your skin, brush your hair, get dressed in your uniform then work out. same old thing, sit ups, push ups, and running a mile or two. By then end of the workout, you’re late for…[Read more]

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    How is it that you feed off my anguish? You mop it all up and pour it down your slimy throat. You don’t stop for air, you just keep chugging and chugging till you’ve sopped it all up. You take everything until you leave me lying on the ground, cold to the touch. The numb feeling overtakes my body and I feel like I am floating in the cosmos.…[Read more]

  • in my past, he informed me that i was useless. but now that you’re in my life, you continuously tell me everyday that i am worth more than life itself.

  • as tempting as you are, i wont give in. you are a demon and i am an angel basking in the light and you are trying to thrive in the worst way. you live to destroy. you are most peoples kryptonite. i will not take those cookies, because i don’t want to face the demon known as an angry mother.

  • committing suicide may be tempting if your’e depressed. But please, trust me when I say, It’s not. you just have to stay strong like you have been. keep going, find a happy place, and when you feel like you cant do anything, go to that happy place and just think. look for help.

  • my body fades away and my soul stays here to stay. you use to harm and bash me for my physical form, but now my glowing soul is all you can see. you are in awe of the wings of imperfections you have given me. all those things you use to judge me for, they are my superpowers. i stand tall like a sunflower. i hold my head high like a lion. but i…[Read more]

  • as my soul leaves my almost lifeless corpse, i sing myself an old western song. asking to be with my loved ones, asking for my soul to go to heaven. asking for my corpse to turn into something beautiful. as the flowers take over my body, i leave this world that i ust to know farewell. i will

  • as i meet my new family, i come to know that they are extremely western and polite. and here i am, a city girl, sitting in a ranch style house, with my phone in my lap, wearing a tank-top and a ripped up pair of jeans. secretly wanting my parents back from the dead. i cry myself to sleep.