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    Ask me what it’s like to live unappreciated. A plateau for idle motion while vicarious characters design their coal to the most pristine diamond roughs upon my structures core. Here I am, rugged and worn; baring […]

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    Hinged on the whim’s timid, quiver sliver hemidemisemiquaver-edged fringe is the indecisive in-deficient hinged binged cringed hemidemisemiquaver-severed sighing hinge ‘tage.

  • They keep me boxed in and bound; Boarders to control and boarders to hold I look through the gaps to an unbound world, and wonder, in this yard can I even grow? Sometimes I believe I’m better than this fence, that I can go beyond its scrupulous ends; with a single leap, and a single […]

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    Carefully construct the criticism needed to oil the gears;
    pushing, pulling, straining, levying against gravity to glide through fears.
    If it’s oil that propels machines; it’s my wit that keeps me human.
    Knowing that I’m just another nothing to continue decomposition.

  • Sierra Skyline is an obnoxious band. Just saying.
    Skylines aren’t very interesting. Why focus on the obvious? Things beyond the skyline are way more intriguing, as well as things around the skyline.

  • Shiny, shivering, splendor!
    Tell me marble, when did you last, let your surfaces glide?
    Marbles are cool. I remember being in pre-school and letting the marble roll around in the paint to create an abstract replication of my amusement.

  • Historical historics important to critics, discoverers, wanderers, explorers and kids.
    Often osaurs-dino openly operate in pictures that move within these walls.

  • I find nothing fascinating about horses. They’re boring creatures. I’m sorry to everyone I offend with this statement.

  • Stunningly beautiful.
    Those are the only words I could ever grasp whenever I would see you.
    I’m surprised I could even think.
    More surprised I never found the courage to tell you…
    You are so stunningly beautiful.

  • Even the most studious of people are overlooking proper study in their life, How can you be nose deep in a book and ever expect to see people for who they are? People. No fabricated textbook based off the notions and perceptions of one individual author will ever bring you life experience. Is 100,000 worth […]

  • The joys of a smile that clatters, click clackity
    as the calamity within faces, forces exhales for serene screaming
    as boisterous and jubilant as can be.
    Laughter is sweet.

  • Who decides the rules? One elite group of people over another, how do they know what’s best for everyone? Obviously, more people should be inclined to discuss this, after all this is how America is ran… but the sheeple don’t care. There’s an elite group to dictate what words are deemed allowable on TV, in […]

  • Flare! Hah, I laughed and scoffed with cynicism… But with a face like that, who needs narcissism? It’s unfortunate age has come to take a toll, When you first sported the act, it was ‘hot’ you know. But alas, there’s more to it than pretty you! – When the fire was sparked, what a hilarious […]

  • Shuffle… like the dance?
    Or a rather flippant notion on the screen of your ipod?
    Shuffle truffle loveable little scruff, ease and care to not cause a scuffle.
    Shuffle ruffle scuffle, shuffle is a crappy word.
    If you say shuffle enough, it commands what it says.
    Shhhhh, fool.

  • How dull it is to play by myself… If it’s a matter of self reflection, surely this isn’t the way to go. I’ve often wondered why one would want to be so engaged in nothing, doing the same pyramid over and over… Even the faces are as fake as the rules in place If you […]