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    Wild beauty.
    If I tame the mess
    Then I will also destroy
    The flowers

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    Books, folders, journals, page upon page of diagrams, drawings, words words words… As she scanned through them, gazing with an empty feeling in her chest, her eyes began to blur. The lines faded, the words scrambled, revealing themselves to her as what they truly were: meaningless.
    New gameplan: no gameplan.

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    His hands shook, his body trembling with an instant cold disgust as he awoke and saw the consequences of sleep upon his unrestrained body. His fingertips relinquished their grip upon the blade and it dropped to the floor beside the lifeless body slumped against the wall.
    When he was achild he remembered a wrinkled woman telling him the lines on…[Read more]

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    The king sat upon his ornate, glittering throne with a long dining table before him, covered in more food than a peasant in the poor village could hope to see his whole lifetime. Bowls of tropical fruits, stacks of freshly baked bread, pots of steaming stew, plates of delicious sweets and a giant whole pig with a rosy ripe apple in it’s mouth. H…[Read more]

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    “How’s my little accomplice?” he grinned. I could smell the whisky on his breath – top shelf no doubt; we could afford it. Drunk again, clearly he suspected nothing, but why would he? I played my role so well; his sweet little accessory with all my brain and beauty seemingly at his command. But now I had what I wanted, there was no need to keep…[Read more]

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    Who is that girl with the bright face and the confident smile looking at me from the mirror?
    She’s powerful; her strength set firmly in her delicate jawline. She’s fun; her energy curved on her lips and filling the dimples around her mouth. She’s clever; all her knowledge stitched into the faint lines on her forehead. She’s beautiful.
    That…[Read more]

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    Year after year he watched the children play, the lovers meet in secret, the elderly huddle together for warmth. Sometimes they touched his rough exterior, tracing the lines of his giant body in wonder. He saw all and knew all. When the cold, lifeless machines came he trembled and cried at their angry sound and felt the pain down to his very core…[Read more]