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    I love my partners. They don’t realize what it means for me to be able to laugh and share life with them. To work and be upset at customers, to be proud of our accomplishments. Sometimes I feel closer to them than my own family….and yet they know nothing about me.

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    It’s His holy fire on me….in the midst of pulsating beats and frenzied dancing. Do they know what they’re missing? Their young hearts are numb; drowning in a sea of loathing, neon paint and feathers.

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    Going to Memphis! Going to Memphis! Need mah tickets, need mah guitar, need my hoodie, cause we’re going far…Far into the south, where comforts are long gone, but I’ve got my tickets, I’ll be singing soon, oh, sweet Lord, I’ll be singing soon!

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    On average, “Christian” music bugs me. Often these artists are pale mediocre copies to another artist’s genius, copy-pasting styles and merely sticking in Christian references here or there. Very vague, no imagination, or beauty in their words. Simply filler for those too blind or afraid to see the beauty in “secular” music. …I don’t like […]

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    Avant-garde to the extreme, her fur shawl and red dress blurred in the haze of the bar
    “…mink?” she asked archedly, “Oh, no, no, no, no, darling. I much prefer dalmation!”

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    Colors of old, aged lines writhing through my mind.
    I am from an aged race. A lost time. Where MANNERS MATTERED, and RESPECT WAS SHOWN.

    …kids these days!

    They know nothing of it…

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    I was reading about Vampires the other day…”real” vampires. They have a forum and everything (what group doesn’t nowadays?). There was a glossary containing words and phrases commonly used by the vampire community. The writer was particularly defensive about this word, making statement after statement that this action was NOT exclusively, nor…[Read more]

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    mom. She taught me how to read. She used brightly colored plastic fridge magnets to teach me my numbers and letters. Not many moms would take the time to do that now.

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    *mind wandering* “Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear with stars on his face like a care bear but not any care bear, NO. HE WAS STARBURNS.” (Yes. I stole that from the tv show Community. I do like Community. Did you know that that spanish teacher was actually a doctor and he left practicing medicine so […]

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    As the flames engulfed her, she laughed…the laugh carried far…far far over the strewn bodies and destroyed buildings. She screamed and screamed and screamed…”IT’S ALL OF THIS…ALL OF THIS BELONGS TO ME….AND NO ONE SHALL STAND IN MY WAY.”

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    Chaos. Tantrums. Linens. Loud TVs blaring from every room. Dishes. Laundry. Snotty children and burnt dinners. Thank God for ipods.

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    I knew a woman who had so many moles on her back…every time I saw her, I wanted to play connect-the-dots…and then have a sexy pillow fight.

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    When we were growing up, my sister was the one who played with barbie dolls. She had this one golden mini dress my grandmother had made for our mother’s barbies. It was so pretty. She had even sewed in a zipper in the back for easy dressing.

    I miss gramma :(

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    *gun shots*

    “Hey sweetie, please turn down your speakers…and why don’t you set your claymores at the top of the ladder instead of the bottom? They’re harder to evade that way.”

    “Mom, you are the coolest person ever!”

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    Man up! We’ve got to overtake the storms, to invade new worlds, to categorize new species, and remember lost legends. But we are in this together!

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    hahaha! The weight of the world on your shoulders. You can’t let them down, can you? no no no! If you do, you will pay, and it will hurt…a lot.

    brace yourself, kiddo.

    You ain’t Jesus.