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    The confidence was high. We stood around the screens with arms folded, heads high, smirks plastered across our stupid faces. Whenever I remember this moment it makes me ache. Watching the figures as they moved across the screen, flickering fish through the city rivers. How could this go wrong? It couldn’t. It was flawless. Then the dam broke and…[Read more]

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    The patches were patterns of yellow and pink. Tiny ducks and llamas and otters, handstitched into the fabric. I ran my fingers over the stitches, the places where blue met pink and felt a deep ache in my chest. Memories pulled themselves out like old thread.

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    Eeeeeee!!! You’re taunting me, you’re taunting me. Physics, so beautiful, so wonderful, so challenging. I gave you four years of my life, and I hope I added to your story. I hope my research takes you further. I’m sorry I’m not doing a PhD this year. I need to try this path, test these waters. But you will always be a part of everything I do. I…[Read more]

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    The tumbled out like tic tacs, rattling across the table. “Take as many as you want,” she said, eyes wide with glee. “I can always get us more. Trust me on this.”

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    A whistle, screaming almost too high to hear, at the edge of sound and being. A name from a hat, on a tiny piece of paper. You can see the blue ink. You can see the edge, torn where the holes were punched. Folded, unfolded, edges pressed tight together. Where your name should be, you see empty, soundless, moving lips. That whistle, crying out from…[Read more]

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    Locked. Damn. He ran his fingers around the edge of the windowframe, trying to find a weakness in the wooden frame. Something moved inside, and he froze. A light flickered on in the hallway beyond the room. He dropped to the ground, his heart racing. Nobody was meant to be home tonight! He bit his lip and hurriedly tried to formulate a Plan B.

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    I stepped out of the bunker into a red, alien landscape. Orange rubble spread from my feet to a distant horizon, with the rusted iron skeletons of skyscrapers jutting like compound fractures from broken stone. A murky sky bathed the world in a bloody light. Smoke bled into clouds in an indistinct haze. Even through my gas mask, I could taste the…[Read more]

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    There is no pressure here.

    The wolf was silver, with a mane of black and eyes as yellow as dawn. Emily stepped from the porch, one bare foot at a time, her eyes fixed unblinkingly on his. She could move her feet against the frosted wood, but she couldn’t move her eyes.

    The wolf lay its ears back down flat. Its lips twitched for a moment, as…[Read more]

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    Radiant, I felt her before she entered the room. A haze of gold and yellow melted through the air, warm like the air above a candle. When she stepped through the doorframe, I smiled. The air was a mirage, rippling between us.

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    She found the place where she kept her treasures empty. In place of the wooden box where she kept the pieces of her heart, there was a square patch without dust. She walked to the doorway, past the empty places where his things had been, and sunk into the doorframe.

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    Steps of stone and steps of wind, the air is thinner up here. We are above the clouds in a realm of starlight, where mountains rise around us like ancient gods. And we cling to the shadows like cobwebs.

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    He dropped to his knees on the stone, red eyes wide with pleading. “Please, don’t leave me, I can’t stay here…” His calloused hands trembled as they reached out to me, as if grasping for something solid in the empty, humid air.
    He seemed small, and frail, beneath me. His oversized, sweat-stained tunic seemed so pitiful. His greasy hair was…[Read more]

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    The water in the bucket was dirty, but she hadn’t noticed. I closed the door as quietly as I could behind me. Swish, swish. She dragged the dirty water across the floor. I took a step towards her. “Brooke?” There wasn’t any sign she’d heard me. Swish, swish. She lifted the mop into the bucket and stepped on the side to squeeze the water out. The…[Read more]

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    Falling, falling, clutching the bucket tight, everything is spinning but the water stays inside. We plummet up and down, side to side, the bucket and I, but I never spill a single drop. Not one. That’s how steady I can be sometimes.

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    Long and wooden, with sprigs and kindling tied together with twine. Leaning up against the bricks, throwing a long shadow onto the concrete in the fading light. It was part of the backdrop, part of the wallpaper of their home, but something about the broom caught my eye as I turned to leave. Something shuddered deep inside me, like my heart being…[Read more]

  • Speaker loud email projection, writing words in the sky with a tiny aeroplane, small and white against the blinding, terrifying blue. And without, we roil in the dust, turning over and over in our repetitions, and our palms and feet grazed and caked in earth.

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    We are creatures curled, unbroken, un-unfurled, wrapped up within and within ourselves. We are shy and scared. We are tentative and reserved and even when we touch we are unopened.

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    Tins and jars and empty shelves. Pressure building up until the edges are straining. Dusty corners and expiry dates. Shivering at the edges of everything.

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    Every moment comes and goes, and I am inbetween
    My body crouched in hurling winds, my skin is shredded clean,
    The thread sings like a whistle as I force it through my heart,
    I sew myself together, but I’m still breaking apart.

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    The cosiest of cosy pajamas, but I’ve torn a hole in the elbow. We have a September winter here, and it has returned in a flurrying maelstrom of navy-greys and silvers. We huddle in bed with the new sheets as the rain falls on the back porch outside, and he glows like a fire beside me. I’m trembling – as I always am – deep inside, but outside the…[Read more]