• There was none. He tried everything, so he just stuck with the longest one. As in the longest one that’ll take forever until he’ll find his own happiness. he was pursuing it because he had the right to, and it’s the longest journey he’s taking.

  • She never text back.
    she’s probably busy.
    I’m not. I should make myself busy. And maybe when I’m done learning another jazz standard she’ll reply.
    She didn’t reply.
    Maybe she’ll say good morning to me.
    Maybe […]

  • i had a chance to go to a better place. better than where i’m going right now. it’s better because she’s over there. and right now thinking about a year without her, i could feel the withdrawal symptoms happening […]

  • It was full. full of books. that small black cabinet that held it self with all the books inside it. from buck to zinsser, from non fiction to fiction, from a love story to a classic, the black cabinet held a […]

  • they looked at him. he didn’t know what to do. he just did his thing. he became someone else. someone they never judged. he changed accents, he changed feelings, he changed actions. he was a funny guy that made […]

  • listen. listen to me. just listen. it’s either going to help you, or it’ll help you now, or it’ll never help you. just listen to me, and when you’ve listened, carry it with you. you’ll never know if you’ll […]

  • can i have some? do you have piece? i know you have some,
    no.no. and fuck you, no because you’re a douche.
    you ask for something from a stranger, sure you said i’m being rude. but i’m not going to give away […]

  • I have to let go. I have to wait at a far away place. only a hundred miles away from her. a long distance that feels longer than the entire universe. and i have to let this happen for a long year. a year that’ll […]

  • it lit up, and it sparked a million sparks. dancing all around with it’s arms in a bright orange flurry. it’s flowing from his and her hands and it was felt in his head. and when it reached his heart the fuse let […]

  • it looked good. it tasted good. all the swirls and the hills and tops like a van gogh painting, he followed the movements with his finger, scooping up the icing, he could feel the coldness on his fingers and he […]