• i think i forget that television isn’t real too much for it to be healthy
    it seems so easy
    falling in love because you’re always surrounded by good looking people
    yet there is always too much drama
    too much moments where i’m left screaming
    what are you doing that’s stupid
    and the characters still go on doing stuff
    because it’s not…[Read more]

  • nobody ever dreams of being a caterpillar
    everybody just wants to be the pretty butterfly
    but isn’t it amazing how whilst the cocoon
    the caterpillar totally dissolves
    and changes completely
    i don’t think having all your bits liquefied would be very fun
    or painless
    so i kind of salute the caterpillar
    that’s willing to go through all…[Read more]

  • i’m pressing against my esophagus in a desperate attempt to convince my body that no, i don’t need the air, no i want the oxygen and my body thinks otherwise
    and i want to remind it that I AM IN CONTROL HERE
    and nobody else
    and my decisions count for something
    if i will it so
    it happens

  • green:
    i don’t feel the angry rearing within my chest
    when i look through your instagram
    it has transformed into a feeling of gray
    acknowlegement that you meant something to me
    but that is in the past

    the darkness that surrounded me
    has changed as well
    it settles around my shoulders comfortably
    much like the hush that descends…[Read more]

  • sunshinedaisies commented on the post, miss 4 years, 5 months ago

    I thought burning bridges meant destruction and pain and no going back
    but I forgot that smoke has purifying qualities
    and the path ahead of me will have beautiful flowers
    growing from the fallen ash

  • stuntman jumping off cliffs I want to do that too jump off the internet and just vanish just disappear no debris no remains no blood just oblivion and yet it is never that simple is it its so messy

  • Going out of my house
    breathing in the night air
    is the one thing in life
    I strive to do
    for the rest
    not just now
    not just now
    out of the door
    Out of the walls
    into the night

  • Shorthand reminds me of shotgun of weddings of lacy white twirling bliss shorthand reminds me of small hands of dead hands of hands curled around my hand shorthand reminds me of short people of the angle of […]

  • You held me in your arms, not once but twice. And I realised in the middle of last night that maybe I just want to be held to infinity without end.

  • sunshinedaisies commented on the post, wonder 8 years ago

    Ah, I love the word wonder because I love to do just that, think about the infinite possibilities we have in the 36000 seconds we have in a day and more more more things like…the impossible.