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    He couldn’t go to a hospital.

    It was closer, yeah, but he couldn’t. His mask was torn and his outfit was ripped, and anyone would have been able to see right through the gaps in his identity.

    He couldn’t make it to the clinic though.

    It was too far.

    What was he to do??

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    Keith glanced outside. As much as he hated that dog and knew it was mutual, he felt bad that the dog had to spend Christmas on the heated porch, away from the festivities.

    Plus, his ears twitched every single time he heard the little thing barking.

    With a sigh, he silently got up, ignoring his boyfriend’s questioning glance, and grabbed a…[Read more]

  • He’d never been happier that the walls of the bathroom were soundproof than he was at this moment. He couldn’t even imagine the humiliation he would be feeling if they could hear his pathetic cries.

    He clutched at his stomach and gagged up more bile and snot from his sobs, feeling every tear drip into the disgusting fluid in the toilet. His…[Read more]

  • Stillness
    Time isn’t moving
    And neither am I
    Growth is gone
    Nothing is born
    All of it just stops
    The only thing I want
    I want to be free
    Only then will I be alive
    New and useful and needed and loved

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    He was a shell of his former self.

    His once radiant blue eyes were dark and listless.

    His flaxen hair was wispy and dull.

    His porcelain skin had taken on a gray hue.

    His hands trembled.

    His footsteps dragged.

    But no words were spoken.

    No one knew when it had started.

    No one knew how to make it stop.

  • He was having a dream, no, a nightmare. Some distant part of him knew it. And yet…

    Sora could not help the elation he felt when he ran towards Cloud’s open arms, knowing that he was here, he was with him after all this time.

    There was a blurry figure behind Cloud, one that reminded him of someone he knew, but no, that couldn’t be.

    He…[Read more]

  • There was fire everywhere.

    Alarms rang through his head as he clawed at his ears, trying to make the terrible ringing go away.

    There was ash on his skin and smoke in his lungs, itching, burning, making him gag and cough and sob all at once.

    His voice was hoarse from his screams.

    He could smell burning flesh.

    And somewhere, in the…[Read more]

  • His sleep was filled with nightmares.

    His dreams were full of memories.

    Screams and burning flesh.

    Silver hair and long blades.

    Scalpels and greasy glasses.

    Bullet holes and forgotten promises.

    He would never forget again, no matter how much he wanted to.

  • His mostly violet eyes gazed down at his people – the pride of the United States of Japan. It had taken some time, and many sacrifices, but they finally did it. He finally won.

    Britannia was lost to the past, and the world was reborn under his rule.

    There was no preying on the weak.

    The regrowth of a nation – no, a world – was under…[Read more]

  • There were eleven.

    Eleven older sisters – the ones more graceful and elegant than I could ever hope to be.

    They were the ones that had the suitors come from near and far to watch them dance.

    They were the ones that were talked about in the kingdom.

    They were the better sisters.

    I was the lesser of them all.

    Yet, he still chose me.

  • The elegance long forgotten swept through her being with every polite word, every nod of the head with a superficial smile.

    It’s all about the formalities.

    An impression is never forgotten, she remembered her father telling her years ago.

    Eye contact shall not be tolerated.

    You must never show any skin other than your face.

    Your…[Read more]

  • Her fingers traced over every indentation, every patch of uneven, white skin. The thread was still there after all these years, a constant reminder of the pain.

    The unevenly stitched scar drew her eyes every time she saw it, the guilt piling on her shoulders like weights too heavy to bear.

    “Why’d you do it?”

    Her voice sounded so…[Read more]

  • He should never have agreed to it.

    He allowed her to try clothes on him one time. One time!

    Now, as he stands before the mirror in a frilly, sparkly dress, complete with a tiara, he loathes his sappiness towards her.

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    Utter repulsion.

    The list went on as he looked down at the people below him – in both terms of the word.

    The ignorant fools, with their laughter and their cheerfulness.

    How could they be of the same city? Or the same species even?