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    The classroom was bustling with activity, full of noise ,children shouting, laughing, chatting and what not. Just like the chirping of birds in the early mornings & evenings. The noise was shut down with one voice of the teacher , “SILENCE”.

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    Silence is the most powerful communication that one could make. It gives too many meanings – one could take it for a nod, an acceptance, disapproval, disinterest and what not.

  • I took the thermometer and checked the temperature. OMG it was 102 deg. I had felt very dizzy and weak. but now after seeing the reading, it made me even more weaker. I thought I need to take a break from work now and go visit a doctor. The thoughts of all dengue, malaria, H1N1 all struck me.

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    I remember the teacher asking us to memorize the multiplication tables at our primary schooling. those were the toughest part in the maths class . And our teacher used to thrash us using a stainless steel ruler and make us memorize upto table 16.Oh How the World has changed now…

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    She could sense something burning. She just cant believe that her best friend is jealous of her. She had so much trust in her. Now that she is like this, its shocking