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    Shut up, sit down- listen, I said listen are you paying attention now? Have you lost your mind? Do you need someone to talk to, is everything alright? Four years ago you walked into my class, and every since then you have had me as a teacher. Growing up, graduating, showing all what you have […]

  • As the Summer sun sets against the night sky and the crows, crow for the final time tonight I sit and watch the tides role in, I promised never to forget you. and I prayed to God I could keep that promise. Now as the years have passed and time seems to stand still- I […]

  • Awating dawn to start over again
    Etching down images ready to begin
    A line, a circle, three little dots-
    A smiley face has appeared.

    Eraser brushes across the board
    And a new creature has been born-
    Into a life, bold and new,
    Dear smiley face- chalk world
    Awaits you.