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    She had been ignorant of the way things would be. She thought that people were generally good and trustworthy, even if they made mistakes. Maybe that was still true of most people, but clearly her teammates weren’t in that camp. They were in it to win that trophy, no matter who they stepped on in the process.

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    It was the blond streak in his otherwise dark brown hair that made Jane look twice. He was an engineer, she knew, but other than some vague twitterings over the punch bowl that she had over heard – a gossiping clutch of bird-like women – she really didn’t know much about him. But that blond streak made her want to reach out and touch his hair.

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    It’s the time of year for thieves oil, but since I’ve never used it I don’t really know what that means. It sounds lovely, a spicy blend of germ killing delights. Maybe this is the year to get some. Maybe a little extra spice in my life is just what I need, not for germs as much as for beating the doldrums.

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    We see a new crisis, a new ethnic cleansing almost every other month now. The world seems to be attempting to consume itself in fury. In the future, if there is one, what will we see when we look back on this time? What will history tell us about ourselves? I don’t think we will be able to hold our heads up with pride.

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    It’s a vet trip. Just an ordinary visit to the veterinarian. I told myself this over and over, my tail still lashing. No one likes a vet trip, but the very idea of being poked and prodded by the vet – especially the indignity of the taking of my temperature! Well, it never sat well with me.

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    He was my version of My-Secret-Agent-Lover Man. Like from the Francesca Lia Block books with Weeztie Bat that I read when I was in my teens. Of course, his name was Leonard and he was an accountant, but other than that he was exactly what I was looking for. My-Secret-Agent-Lover Man is a silly name anyway.

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    I had supposed that the elevator shaft would lead straight down. And I was right for a while. But then is suddenly slanted off to the right and I found myself on an entirely new path. I called up to Eloise to follow me down…that not everything on this adventure was as it might seem.

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    It’s instant coffee that is the problem. The cultural inability or willingness to wait for the full brew of freshly roasted beans… The grinding, pouring, blooming, brown and rich glory of coffee making isn’t a thing we should have ever let the instant industry get their hands on.

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    I was the first cool, cloudy day of the fall. There had been a few partly cloudy days and a spatter of rain, but this was the first day she could properly pull out her favorite sweater and really, deeply, enjoy that cup of hot chai. She waited all summer for this day.

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    A head cold is the most tedious of illnesses. Not really sick enough to justify a day in bed with Netflix, but too sick to feel at all competent about the daily tasks. It is a horrible place to be. Neither sick nor well. Just yuck.

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    I need a new gameplan. One that doesn’t cause me to stress out about this set of hook and eyes or that tutu. I need to have some space from the ever-changing, mercurial whims of this mad director and her inability to communicate with more than 2 day notice. I’m done here.

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    We are in league, but the lines are long and we aren’t sure where we might end up. We all have similar goals: better days, easier lives, more time in the sun and less in the shadows of fear and discomfort. Your goals are my goals. We just have very different ways of defining that.

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    We used to call them cellular phones, to distinguish them from our home phones. Then mobile phones. But now, as the landline slowly atrophies, they are just phones: our outsourced brains and constant companions. The days I don’t have my phone slam this home in my consciousness.

  • Slide projectors, the transparency projectors, and now digital image projectors that function seemingly by thought alone. How far we have come in our ability to take our ideas and our visions and put them large scale where we can share them with anyone.

  • I didn’t want to be a cheerleader, except for the allure of those pom-poms. There was something about them that compelled me to try out for the cheer team. The ruffle and sparkle and swish of them was too compelling.

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    Mopping is a satisfying kind of cleaning. The kind that you can see that you have made a Difference, especially if you have small children and do not mop often. This kind of action makes me feel tidy inside and out.

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    She grabbed a tin cup and headed down to the well, tears streaming down her cheeks. A cool cup of water would calm her nerves. At the well, instead of the usual wooden bucket, there was a bucket craved from a solid piece of crystal…

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    The broom seemed innocent enough. Just a standard kitchen broom with yellow bristles, hanging there on the broom hook, next to the washer and dryer. But if its secrets could be shared, you would see amazing, otherworldly, magical things. Things you might never believe.

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    I learned to braid on a My Little Pony. An old-school one. She was blue, with stars and planets as a cutie mark, and a rainbow mane and tail. I would meticulously divide the tail into three parts. Red and orange, yellow and green, blue and purple, and braid and braid and braid.

  • The instructor folded carefully; a valley fold. I copied. We turned and bent and folded up and down. Finally with a flick of the wrist, she had produced a beautiful origami flower. I had produced a mashed up ball of paper.