• I’m not really cursed. I just need more will power and control. But attributing problems to curses is a pretty great excuse. It’s out of my hands.

  • The embassy is the tallest building in the capital. I don’t know if I will ever not be intimidated by it. The marble pillars, the high ceilings, the stone fountain out in front.

  • Eleven times, no more, no less. Ten is the round number, but eleven takes it a step further. Eleven is a risk taker. Eleven cares more about spontaneity. Eleven doesn’t want to look back on life and wish things had been more exciting.

  • Every Sunday is a bike friendly day. Families come out to ride together, and it is the relatively meek looking 2 wheeled machines that run the road, not the 4 wheeled monstrosities.

  • The last time I went fishing I was thirteen years old and I didn’t even know how to bait the hook. It didn’t matter, really, because Thomas knew everything there is to know about fishing. I could just blindly follow his motions and chances were good I’d hook at least a small fish.

  • Her hair swept across her face,
    she acknowledges the limits of her existence
    every time she pushes a stray strand back in place
    the wind takes over
    there’s only one king

  • He struck the tambourine three times in a row, and then ran down the street singing “I Want It That Way” at the top of his lungs while stark naked. Truth or Dare was the worst.

  • I don’t know where the wind went, but it’s not coming back anytime soon. It’s lost all patience with me, and I’ve done it wrong. I would apologize, but I can’t even feel the memory of its presence. It’s so far gone that I’m melting into the heat wave encasing me.

  • Robin Williams was an actor of mythic proportions. And that is not put him on a pedestal. No, truly, he was such a versatile, ingenious performer.

  • Airports are bubbles where you can reinvent your identity. They are microcosms within the world, shut out from everywhere else even while they transport you just about everywhere else. You are nowhere and you are everywhere.

  • wondering how to write something that has meaning, but isn’t overly sentimental, doesn’t exploit anyone, isn’t pretentious. this is kind of pretentious… I’ve got nothing right now. I don’t know what to write.

  • It was a spiral stairway, and staring up at it for too long could make you dizzy. i wanted to continue staring because it was almost hypnotizing, and becoming dizzy was more interesting than the monotony of my daily life. At least this way, I was escaping the dullness for a couple of seconds.

  • fighting every impulse
    a battle of mind against body
    it is an apparent failure before even really beginning
    insanity forever

  • He was tall and handsome. He approached her so quietly that she had no idea he was beside her until he began speaking. She was immediately charmed by his eloquence and bright smile. Little did she know he had just escaped from the state prison, where he was being held on manslaughter charges.

  • His past is a mystery to me, but it’s not like I can’t ask him about it. It’s not a dark secret or anything. But how do you just suddenly say, hey, so what is it you did when you were younger? What were you like?

  • I fall into an infinite spiral,
    going deeper and deeper into each circle
    I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out.
    getting stuck would be horrible
    but also horrible exciting.

  • It was televised on all the news channels.
    But she hadn’t done it. She hadn’t.
    Did that matter when no one would believe her?
    Tiny dark room, intimidating, hulking questioners
    Making her doubt her own memories.
    Would she be making a false confession?
    Or was she finally stepping out of denial?

  • clasping the hand gently
    she makes a fist.
    eyes widen
    surprised by her own strength.
    day 1 of life
    and already human curiosity at its finest.

  • He took a sip of bourbon as he stared out the window of the bar, unable to see anything except the dark shadows of oak trees.

  • She tracked them as far as she could, until they were only a blur in the distance. They were gone, except for a tiny spot, moving farther and farther away every second. She would never know what would happen to them, and really, did she need to know? No, she did need to know. Basic human compassion, she guessed.