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    The barber decided to tell me to go bald, since I had little hair left anyways. But how could I cut these few strands of hair? My hair was my life. Now, it was going to be cut by this insolent barber. How dare he even suggest this idea. I shall refuse, but then again, […]

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    The bench was white and cold. It seemed lonely, for no one occupied it. No one was sitting on it, and no one had even spared a glance to it for a long time. What a desolate bench! Should she go sit on it? She pondered, stopped midway on her track, and gazed back. She […]

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    The mango was a deep yellow, a yellow with a hint of orange in it. I could already taste the juice in my mouth simply by gazing at it. Oh, the sweet bitterness it filled my heart with, as I realized that I could not buy a mango with my current money. No, I may […]

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    The power outlet sizzled, and then sparks came flying out. Suddenly, I felt a jolt in my hands as if something had shook it really fast. I immediately dropped the cord, and jumped back, yelping at the intense weird feeling. My hands felt numb and distant for a few seconds, until I could flex my […]

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    The sage knew everything. Nothing could go by the sage unknown. So, the problem was how were we going to start fighting? The sage would know as soon as any formal rebellion started to form. Oh, we all had thoughts once in a while going against him, but this was a whole different matter. A […]

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    The tangle of all things in life was too intricate, too complicated for me to solve. Everything was connected, and a false move in untangling it, may result in the whole mess of everything again. How can this be solved? Life is complicated as if there are 1000 strings all tangled and messed up together. […]

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    The microphone screeched as she had brought it too close to another microphone, causing the audience to cover their ears. This was not a delayed response to her speech, was it? Her nervous fumbling with her hands caused her to drop her notecards. What the hell, she could do without those anyways. She looked across […]

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    The needle pricked her. She felt a little sharp sting on her finger as she pulled it away. Immediately, she felt tired and drowsy all of a sudden. She had slept fully last night, but now, in the middle of the afternoon, she was feeling dizzy. She stumbled as she tried to stand up, and […]

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    The alarm rang shrilly in her ear, causing her to jump out of bed and look around wildly about herself. She looked around with squinting eyes, adjusting to the light, and realized that it was only another monday. She had been woken from a sweet dream to dreadful reality. She groaned as she looked at […]

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    The pills weren’t enough. She needed something else to end this pain, this depression, the feeling that she did not belong in this world and that nobody wanted her to. How could they possibly expect her to feel better after taking a few lousy white round capsules? They were pills, a mere relief from reality […]

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    Who had never entertained even once, the idea of suicide? Of course, personally, I always thought it easier for one to be killed rather than suicide. I do not have the nerve to pull the trigger of a gun, to jump off a building, or to fall off a bridge. No, I do not even […]

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    The boost was enough to allow her to fly into the air. How lovely it all was… the blue air around her, the transparent clouds that she was able to pass through. She felt the slight moisture on her face, and a slight gasp as she realized there was a lack of oxygen molecules. The […]

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    She was caught in the darkroom. Of course, it was dark, so dark that she could not even see her hand in front of her. How did she end up here? She did not remember what had happened after someone had knocked her out. She should have listened to her father when he had wanted […]

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    The jelly jiggled, continuing to vibrate. What was it doing, trying to alert us of its presence? We noticed the red shiny surface already, gleaming and alluring us with its taste. What was it? A solid or a liquid? It would always remain an enigma.

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    The reports were due today. The report on what I did on my mission and on what equipment I used, etc. It was more tiring to write reports than to actually carry out the mission. Who invented things as “reports”? Why? Did the officials not believe their own spies? I did not see the purpose […]

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    She finally realized that she couldn’t solve his problems. She had fooled herself that she had solved his issues. But no, they have resurfaced and she realized that he would need to help himself, that it would be impossible for her to do it for him. He needed to conquer his own demon. She already […]

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    The furnace was shut down as the murderer left the room. It’s light left the room, leaving it in pitch black like the sky outside. Nothing could be heard from the room. The murderer had made sure of that. The curtains billowed, and sounds could be heard outside. The whole world was reacting to what […]

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    The possibilities seemed endless. What could I be when I grow up? There are so many things I love to do and enjoy, but how can I choose? I mean, we can’t all live based simply on doing the things that we love. We have to have money so that we can continue doing the […]

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    The spider climped up the water spout. Water droplets started cascading from the top of the pipe, sweeping the spider off its eight legs, and causing it to flow with the water down to the ground. How grueling and tiresome it had been for the spider to climb it up. Now, it had to start […]

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    The recipes to life are achieving happiness, achieving propserity, and achieving security. For these three things, there are also specific sub-recipes. To achieve happiness, you have to be surrounded by ones you love, and you have to love someone. To achieve prosperity, you have to constantly work hard and be competitive in your society. You […]